Welcome to the DownDraught updates for 2001

28/09/2001 Theres so much Id like to do but theres so little time!
Ive managed to update the rebuild page though. And as soon as the mini's donw I should have lots more time and may be able to catch up on things, like the bumpstart club site, that Im meant to be doing!!!!
Saying that, at my job they ran out of work so gave me the evening off, so I went to watch 'AI' which is a very powerful film, but it must be good as Im unable to some up my feelings for it. Its not the 'did you like the bit when....' type of great but all together sort of brillent???

or am I rambling again?
15/09/2001 Its been a little quite here as Ive gotten a new job which means Im working 5 evenings of the week so I dont gt much time to spend on the website. Its not a great job as all it involves is spooning mg's of untested chemical compounds into little pots. But it the sort of job that doesnt really require any thought and they have the radio on in there, its also warm and you get breaks every couple of hours. So all Ive managed in this update is:
Created the files page for things Ive been making
Updated the SETI results.
Added a site map as I was losing track of where everything is.
Big updates on the mini rebuild and Ive relayed out the mini pages.
and Ive updated the Anime pages with ONE whole review.

It was also my birthday last weekend and Ive not reached the grand old age of 23, where does the time go??
Still find it hard to believe I was at uni for 4 years!

24/08/2001 Updates on the mini rebuild page but its pretty boring.
An update in the previews section of the anime page, plus Ive added markers for the start of each letter as it was getting a bit long. Well actually I got a bit carried away and broke it down into 3 sections and added a full index for the reviews and previews, not bad for 1.5 hours ehh?
And Ive had ?2? whole messages in my guestbook, not bad for a site that hardly gets any hits :)
11/08/2001 Its updates everywhere Ive Added a Guestbook, Changed the Seti results, you must read the stuff on Spud guns!!!, fixed all (I think) the broken links I created, Got the anime page back again and have updated all the links so they should be a bit better but there still might be a couple of dead links in there somewhere. Oh and Ive got a load of links to go in the mini page soon.
Removed the W32.Sircam.Worm@mm virus from my recycle bin, dont ever delete this beasty as it stops your computer from runnning .exe files. It gave me a interesting evenin getting rid of it and reinstalling windows. It will teach me for not running my anti virus software, fortunately I think my firewall stopped it from spreading any further!
04/08/2001 All Change, .....Again.
I decided to change the layout of th site again, so this is the draft version with a few bits missing, if you hang around the pages will re-appear as soon as Ive finished updating them.
I still cant believe I spent ages pissing around with frames when I could have done the lot without them. Still this give me a good chance to update the pages as theyve spread all over the place, Ive also created a page just for my mini as well.

And Ive sold the jeep at last!

Oh it appears Ive got a bit carried away and the only bit Ive yet to update is the Anime page, Oh and the mini rebuild page and the rallying page are slightly out of date but besides that, .....and the SETI results......and err :)

19/07/2001 Once again there are some more changes but first something important. I quiered the fact I got Zero for my business exam and it turns out they thought I didnt turn up to the exam. I naturally appealed against this and they found my paper, apparently 'stuck to the back of another candidates paper'. It turns out I got about 72% for the exam(How I managed this I will never know), but the best thing is it bumped my mark up to a 2:1!!!!! Which Im somewhat happy about :}})})})})}
Now as far as the update goes, Ive heard we now have sponsership for the rallycar so as soon as I get some more info I will update again. Ive updated the mini rebuild page with the current progress and a few pictures.

Actually this is a pathetic update, but I did add my new CV..... hmm Ill try and get some reviews done for the anime page soon though!
And while Im in fluent rant mode, I made a dentist apointment today for 2002!!! Damn I can remeber when the year 2000 seemed ages away......... oh shit this must mean Im aging!!! NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!
Well like I could of avioded it anyway, saying that if Im worried about aging now what will happen in 10 years time????
Doctor should I just upload this and go to my cel.. er bed?
Yes Anthony I think that would be best, youve had more than enough excitement for one day
Saying that I might email the BumpStart Mini Club first?? Stop now I dont want to have to have you restrained again!
07/07/2001 My results came through today and I got a 2:2 which is good although I would have liked the supprise of a 2:1 but considering I got a conditional pass for the business(made bit of a hash of the exam) I shouldnt be complaining. All I need now is a job :)
Back to webpage and there are numerus changes, the link-o-Matic has been distributed throughout the pages see below for an explaination, the results from Portreath are up on the rally page and with any luck the 1st draft for the new anime page is there as well.
Ive also been checking the page with the website garage(link available in 'Internet and web tools' below) so it should be a bit better, overall it thinks the page is quite good but I have to check it again to iron out a few minor things
18/06/2001 Its a joyus time as Ive finished my exams, I just have to wait and see what the results are. If theyre bad I dont know what I will do :(
But back to the important things I have had time to update my webpage and the details of the rust on my mini is there now. The first event is scheduled and waiting for the rallying and I updated my seti results, Ive got loads done whilst revising, 12 since last update. Oh and Ive archived the 'Whats New' as it was getting a bit long.
Check back soon as Im planning on rebuilding the anime page, it shouldnt take too long :)
13/05/2001 Well theres some new pictures of the rally car and Ive also updated my seti results, Whether youll notice or not Ive also restructured the pages to make them a bit easier to maintain.
05/05/2001 For all the true motorists who drive Mini's and frequent alt.autos.mini Ive stuck some pictures up of the cental locking I fitted to my Mini. The pictures are of dubious quality is the car is stuck in the darkest corner of the garage, but anyway here is the LINK.
29/04/2001 A bit of a general update with new things every where. Ive also added a mini page which will endevor to cover the rebuild of my mini. Appart from the fact that Ill get so caught up in working on it Ill forget to make a note of What I did. Ive also passed 50 results for SETI@home but I couldnt be bothered to update the results, I do have a cold you know!
20/04/2001 New Seti@home results + a bit for the rallying page and some new titles on the anime page.
12/04/2001 Results on the Rallying page, they nor arf bad either.
10/04/2001 I must have too much time on my hands!!! Theres now a noise on the anime page and a useful audio editing link below.
08/04/2001 I just added some picys to the rallying page and something else to down load on the anime page, but look close its at the top of the page enjoy!
07/04/2001 Changes a go-go. Theres a couple of new pages plus something to download on the anime page. My mini has also made it onto the kitcars page I think!
08/03/2001 Backgrounds added for some colour change and I re-sized the menu to make it more readable!!!
03/03/2001 What do you know its yet another update, Ive re layed out the car page so it should now convey some relavent info rather than loads of irelevent stuff like it did before
23/02/2001 What do you know its another major update, this was all brought about because I figured out how to use frames. Ive also updated the car page a little bit.
15/02/2001 Nothing much except that Ive updated my SETI details and that Ive added AnimeImagery to the Link-o-Matic.
11/02/2001 Ahh some small updates, I think I might have to make the car page seperate as its getting a bit large. Ive also got the bones of the anime page viewable, might need a little finishing!!
01/02/2001 If I keep updating this page Ill need to start deleting the old update entries. Ive got a name at last and have added my CV. I also added a counter at the top of the page to see if anybody has been. I think this will do for the moment, Ill try and get registelightyellow on a few more search engines and then concentrate on the anime page.
30/01/2001 More Changes, Ive added my SETI@home details, Changed the wordy bit at the top of the page. Ill give the site a proper name as soon as I can think of one. I mean 'My First Web Page' is not exactly original is it!
29/01/2001 Its been a whole day since I created my page, and already Ive scrubbed the anime page. I need some new Ideas so will get around to that sometime
28/01/2001 Well at the moment, nothing. Except that the first draft of my page has been finished and Im off to play HyperIria and wonder how long it will take to write all those reviews(Was it such a good idea after all??)