Welcome to the DownDraught updates for 2002

31/12/2002 Well its almost 2003 so I thought Id squeeze in a update and add a new page, "The CZ Page". I recently got my Firearms licence (even though it took 4months) and I have a CZ 22LR rifle, this page should have info about the rifle and ammo Ive tried.
And I start work the day after tomorrow, I hope I can remember how to work as it has been soo long since I last did any! :)
29/12/2002 Hello, hope you all had a nice Christmas, I know mine was allright. The website is moving quite slowly at the moment, but I have my firearms licence and I start work soon (I got a job at last, http://www.fluiditi.co.uk/) so there might be some more updates on the anime page as well.
Team numpty has a service wagon at last and theres been a couple of small updates on the Bumpstart site as well, must moan at Jean, as I dont remember seeing a news letter for a while!
06/12/2002 Havent been here for a while but I have started the Spartan again and with any luck, might get some pictures of the rallycar up soon as well. Matt has beeen driving it to work the past week!
Anyway We did a Nav scat the other night, I drove, and we came a very close second in class and 4th overall. For about 25quid it was great fun so I might try do some more next year. Im off to try and coble together a spartan build diary
20/10/2002 Well Im back and have been for ages. Had a great time but Im glad to come home, I might try to put some pictures of my trip up here but that might have to wait until I get bored and with all the software Ive got, it might take a while! (GTAIII rules as does MOHAA!)
There are a couple of more reviews on the anime page as Im working my way though a little bundle of jy that came from UP1 the other day!
17/09/2002 Well I was going to go on about the fact I wont be able to update the site for a couple of weeks, but seeing as its been a month anyway, I shant bother, Ill just say theres been a couple of updates here and there. And Ive seen all of Trigun now and its total great.
Im off to Singapore, I hope I dont get lost and end up in the wrong country or something else silly like that, I wonder if my insurance would cover that?
21/08/2002 I dont seem to get much time to work on me website at the moment. But as my contract has expired and I have no job, Im going to make the most of it and have a large update type thing. Heres the changes:

ANIME : Updated reviews for Trigun and Gunsmith Cats and a few more links, I dont know what the dead link situation is at the moment but I hope to check them out soon.

CARS : Um loads has happened to the mini but I havent taken any photos yet, Im awaiting my modified bonnet so I can put all the spotlights back on! and as for the spartan Ive done a little but again I havent taken any photos of it!

DATA VAULT : A bit of re-ordering on the main page and the latest info on the windmill

TEAM NUMPTY RALLYING : Updated 'The Nova' the Results but still need images for the results and the Rally Gallery

BUMPSTART MINI CLUB : New For Sale page and a mystery members mini!

20/07/2002 What a busy couple of months Ive had, its been rather mad. Speaking of which ive been watching "6ft Under", and Im sure theres some kind of message in it. But it could just be like Charlotte light and dark and there is no meaning its just a story.

As for the website Ive added Grey volume 2 to the Manga reviews and theres a couple of other minor updates and some on team numpty too.
Other than that Ive been getting close to nature cutting out footpaths recently, infact so close I just had a shower to wash it off :)

25/05/2002 Lots of changes Ive got hold of www.teamnumpty.co.uk and also changed the page around and added some analysis of the results.
Im also updating some of the reviews on the anime page
12/05/2002 More anime reviews & links selection with no (as of 19:13BST) broken links. More pictures of the spartan. And Ive fitted a rig to the Mini but the pictures I took didnt come out to good because it was a little too sunny this morning.
Ive also updated the Rallying page.
27/04/2002 Have started the Rebuild of the Spartan, you can keep a check on things by going HERE.
08/04/2002 Finally got the results for the last event up on the rallying page, theres my new Seti@home stats in the Datavault and Ive added a review for the Ghost in the Shell GN.
01/04/2002 Just a quick update to the anime page, Ive added some more manga reviews, and Ive also just reached the 100 work unit mile stone with the seti project as well!
17/03/2002 I changed the start page again as I thought that image map took too long to load so this should be much quicker.
I really must update this site more often as Since the last update we won a first in class at our last rally and Ive updated the anime part with some more reviews
27/01/2002 Wow its been nearly one year since i first started this site, I wish I new it was going to turn out like this as it would have saved a lot of arsing around to get to where I am now.

By the looks of things I havent detailed an update in about ohh 3months but quite a lot has happend since then. As you may have gathered Ive completely rebuilt the site since the last update and added a image map on the root url, Ive also got my own url (www.downdraught.co.uk) but as it was only 9.99 for 2 years I couldnt resist it!.
Funnily enough this is the last page I re-did so its kind of an age coming to and end type thing. You might also notice a few changes here as well but I guess thats not important.

Ive also taken on the management of a few other websites since my last update, theses are:

Thats about all I feel like writing at the moment, got my mini home today with the new engine in, so Im glad about that. My graduation photo turned up as well, I think I look silly so I doubt I'll be posting it here!