Welcome to the DownDraught updates for 2003-2006

31/01/2006 Well been a while, I have been updating the anime page but the rest is a tad behind. Please note the new rallying page and stick around, Im planning on a bit of an update soon (note the lack of timescale) so it might contain more and different stuff. Oh btw happy new year!
09/05/2005 Broadband arrival day!!!!!!
I have moved the website to the new space but a load of the links arent going to work properly until I can check it all out. So please be patient!!
12/12/2004 Happy New Year, What Im a little late?!
Never mind at least Ive done a large update on the anime page. Its got a slight new layout now which should be a bit easier to navigate. As for the rest of the site, tough. The rallying page is due a large remake with new logos and all. There are more updates as things have changed and loads needs updating! Hopefully I can find some time and enthusiasm to tackle it soon ish maybe...

Dont forget I make frequent (in comparison to these) updates to the reviews in the anime section.

12/12/2004 Its Update time again at this rate its going to be an annual event!
Mind you thats not completely true as the anime page does get frequent review additions at the moment. Otherwise the miniclub site is stagnent but should be getting an overhaul soon, the rally has been disasterous so I may/may not get around to doing that one as well.

But my main waste of time lately has been Retromud. If your ever there give me a shout!

14/05/2004 Updates seem to be a rare thing this year, cant believe its May already. Im going to have a go at the site tonight so there should be updates everywhere in the next few hours!
07/02/2004 Crumbs have been around here for a while!
Theres cobwebs and dust all over the place, as Im here I'll do a little update.

Just thought Id let you know I started a new job back in October for South West Water, they are a good bunch to work for and oddly enough Ive had more time to myself than usual so it seems strange I havnt been here updating things, wierd eh?

13/11/2003 Well its been changes a-go-go here at the moment, I started a new job a month ago and so far things are ok. Looks like i will be buying "Call of Duty" for the PC as it the demo is pretty cool.
Lots happening on the anime front, DVDONTAP have gone and increased there listings from 3 to 15 thousand which includes loads of anime titles, some new and some not so new. Besides while I write this I am listing to the Iria OST, who ever thought Id get one of these?
29/09/2003 Well I seem to be just managing a update a month, not that Ive done much to the site, a few updates on the anime page and another here or there, Have done the bumpstart website at last, must get around to putting some work in progress, pics on the team numpty site. Hopefully more to follow soon (If I make the time that is, just feel like playing games at the moment oh Dominion conflict 1 is pretty cool :) )
17/08/2003 Not much going on here, must update the mini site as Im currently changing the gearbox and sorting out the cooling. Not much happening on the anime page as Im reading the Dune series of books at the moment which is taking up lots of time (must watch water discipline and check those wind traps...)
Rally car is getting money spent on it as we have a 1400 16V engine have spent this weekend stripping it down. Saw a cool band last night, off to the cinema tonight to see Pirates of the carrabean (SP?) and didnt like the film 'John Q'. Postal2 is a sick and very funny game!
06/07/2003 Been a bit busy of late, so havent had much time for the site. check out the rallying page as it has been revamped and Im off now to make a few changes and hunt out some dead links.
21/04/2003 Getting excited about the Summerset Stages now, Ive also upated the CZ page and added another review to the anime page, Studio Ghibli is sooooo cool!
06/04/2003 Hiya, just a little update today. Updated a bit here and there, trying to get the rallycar and everything ready. Anybody know of any accomodation in Minehead that can cater for 6 people, couple a cars and transit?
29/03/2003 Gah I just dont seem to spend much time on my Website anymore. But I have updated the anime page, and repaired a broken link on the mini page(I must take a more recent picture of my mini and find out why the engine seems to flapping around in the engine bay!)

I was going to update the site a while ago but my Sierra had a lorry drive into the back and write it off, Im over the whiplash now. Still Im a bit nervous of vehicles that gain on me quickly when Im slowing down(poor sierra getting all writen off, quite sad about it I am..)

16/02/2003 This is the first official update of 2003, what with work and all Ive not gotten around to doing much, but there are a few updates lurking around. biggest ones I think are on the Team Numpty site what with the Newton Abbot Audi Stages and all. I have added some pictures to the CZ page and updated some of the reviews on the anime page, no new titles yet but I just cant seem to make my mind up as to what to get next, might have to be some more Outlaw Star as that was good.