Welcome to the DownDraught updates for 2006-200?

Looks liked I missed a month again, but I do have updated Anime reviews for The Digital Devil, The Cockpit, Escaflowne - Vol. 8, Zone Of The Enders: Idolo, Le Portrait De Petite Cossette, Brave Story, Gestalt, Martian Successor Nadesico (the movie), Dead Leaves, Cosplay Complex, Puni Puni Poemy, Neon Genesis Evangelion - Vol. 6, Vampire Princess Miyu - Vol. 6 and Burst Angel - Vol. 6.

Updated Anime reviews for A Tree Of Palme, Appleseed: Ex Machina, Barefoot Gen, Chobits - Vol. 6, The Girl Who Leapt Through Time, You're Under Arrest - Mini Specials, You're Under Arrest - The Motion Picture, Steamboy, Angelic Layer - Vol. 7 and Eureka Seven - Vol.4.

Updated Manga reviews Chobits book 3, Hellsing 2, Battle Angel Alita vol.6.
Updated Anime reviews for Ah! My Goddess - Vol. 4, Gundam Wing - Vol. 6, Gasaraki - To Be a Kai, Rahxephon - Vol. 5, Ghost In The Shell - S.A.C. - Vol. 6, Love Hina - Vol. 6, Cowboy Bebop - Vol. 6, Candy boy Ep 1-6, Queens Blade ep 1-2, DNAngel - Vol. 4 and Whisper Of The Heart.

Updated reviews for The Place Promised In Our Early Days, Burn Up Excess - Vol. 4, Vampire Princess Miyu - Vol. 5, Excel Saga - Vol. 5, Noir - Vol. 7, Neon Genesis Evangelion - Vol. 5, Kekko Kamen, Burst Angel - Vol. 5, Origin - Spirits of the Past, Excel Saga - Vol. 6, Hack // Sign - Vol. 7 and Gantz - Vol. 7. And I have added a couple of gifs to the anime page.

Updated reviews for Azumanga Daioh - Vol. 6, Stratos 4 - Vol. 3, Eureka Seven - Vol.3, Get Backers - Vol. 5, Angelic Layer - Vol. 6, Escaflowne - Vol. 7, Gad Guard - Vol. 6, Zone Of The Enders: Delores - Vol. 6.

Merry Christmas, Happy new year and all that and heres updates for Noir Vol.6, Only Yesterday, Last Exile - Vol. 7, Chobits - Vol. 5, Tokyo Godfathers, The Humanoid, Memories, Millennium Actress, You're Under Arrest, Porco Rosso.

Quick re-design of the anime and main front page. Plus a review for Cowboy Bebop - Vol. 5 and DNAngel - Vol. 3.


Updated reviews for Burst Angel - Vol. 4, Hack // Sign - Vol. 6, Ah! My Goddess - Season 1 - Vol. 3, Gantz - Vol. 6, Gundam Wing - Vol. 5, Rahxephon - Vol. 4, Paranoia Agent 4, Gasaraki - In the Spider's Web, Ghost In The Shell - S.A.C. - Vol. 5, Love Hina - Vol. 5.


Updated reviews for Escaflowne - Vol. 6, Get Backers - Vol. 4, Gad Guard - Vol. 5, Zone Of The Enders: Delores - Vol. 5, Tales From Earthsea, Burn Up Excess - Vol. 3, Vampire Princess Miyu - Vol. 4, Excel Saga - Vol. 4, Neon Genesis Evangelion - Vol. 4.


Updated reviews for Noir - Vol. 5, Last Exile - Vol. 6, Azumanga Daioh - Vol. 5, Eureka Seven Vol. 2, Full Metal Panic - Mission 7, Samurai X - Reflection - Vol. 4, Angelic Layer - Vol. 5.


Updated reviews for Chobits - Vol. 4, Love Hina - Vol. 4, Cowboy Bebop - Vol. 4, DNAngel - Vol. 2, Blue Gender - Vol. 8, Elfen Lied - Vol. 4.


Updated reviews for Gantz - Vol.5, Paranoia Agent 3, Striker the Armored Warrior, Battle Angel Alita - Angel of redemption, Chobits book 2, Mai book 2, Gundam Wing - Vol.4 - The Sorrowful Battle, Gasaraki - vol.6 - Fires of War, Ghost In The Shell - S.A.C - Vol. 4.


New reviews for Vampire Princess Miyu - Vol. 3, Neon Genesis Evangelion - Vol. 3, Excel Saga - Vol. 3, Burst Angel - Vol. 3, Rahxephon - Vol. 3 , Appleseed(2004), Hack // Sign - Vol. 5, Ah! My Goddess - Vol. 2. And Im sure I updated something else but cant remember what it was...


Updated shooting page as apparently Petroc doesnt have a K in it. Im claiming typo rights on that one!
Added a coloured grading to all the anime titles for at a glance watchability level.
Plus there are new reviews for Samurai X - The Motion Picture - Vol. 3, Angelic Layer - Vol. 4, Divergence Eve - Vol. 3, Ah! My Goddess - Vol. 1, Escaflowne - Vol. 5, Get Backers - Vol. 3, Gad Guard - Vol. 4, Zone Of The Enders: Delores - Vol. 4.


Anime Reviews added for Noir Vol.4, Last Exile Vol.5, Azumanga Daioh Vol.4, Eureka Seven Vol. 1, Gantz Vol.4, Hack//Sign Vol. 4, Magical Shopping Arcade Abenobashi - Vol. 4 and Full Metal Panic - Mission 6. A new image in the Photos section as well, Id taken a few since last updated and unfortunatley this was the best one.


Happy new year and merry christmas and all that, miniclub website updated and so have the reviews for Cowboy Bebop Volume 3, DNAngel, Parasite Dolls, Blue Gender Vol.8. Thats all for now.


Update a gogo! Have re done a large part of the Data Vault section, it now contains pictures!
Anime reviews added for Paranoia Agent 2, Love Hina Vol. 3, Gasaraki - Revelations, Ghost In The Shell - S.A.C. - Vol. 3 and Chobits Vol.3. Added Manga review for Hellsing Vol.1 and Trigun Maximum Vol.2.


Just a little note to say that reviews for Neon Genesis Evangelion - Vol. 2, Vampire Princess Miyu - Vol. 2, Burn Up Excess - Vol. 2, Excel Saga - Vol. 2, Pretear - Vol. 2, Stratos 4 - Vol. 2, Boogiepop Phantom - Vol. 4, Burst Angel - Vol. 2, Rahxephon - Vol. 2 have been added.


Just a little note to say that reviews for Gad Guard Vol.2&3, King of Bandit Jing Vol.3&4, Najica Blitz Tactics - Vol. 3, LA Blue Girl Returns - Vol. 2, Escaflowne - Vol.4, Zone Of The Enders: Delores - Vol.3 and Gunsmith Cats Book 8 (Mr V) have been added to the anime page.


Just a little note to say that reviews for Najica Blitz Tactics Vol.2 and King Of Bandit Jing Vol.2 have been added, (Im going to start listing whats been added).
There have been some changes to the shooting page, it was getting a little out of touch with what was actually happening.


I hope you realise the significance of me updating this site more than once a year, bits of it are passing as current now. As I seem to have some energy for this stuff this year I might try and update some of the older more out of touch pages. Dont forget the anime page is being updated frequently, I have to keep tabs on what Im watching some how:)


Happy New year!

Well Im obviously going for the annual update at the moment. I am updating the anime page frequently, Love Film has greatly increased the number and variety of anime Ive watched. If you email me I can suggest you as a friend and we can both get 4 weeks free. Besides that I am planning to tidy this place up, I m not happy with this front page. so maybe by this time next year it will all be sorted.

Later that night.......
After some white chocolate butter bicuits and a shower I found myself infused with a desire to do something about the main page here. Ive gone for a simpler and easier to maintain approach, and plan (if I dont get too cold{Im only in a towl and its january[in a house with no central heating]}) to spread this to some other parts of the site.