Welcome to the DownDraught updates for 2010-2010

Actually did a bit of a proper update and added a couple of pictures to the main section. Took them with my new camera and I just cant quite get it to work properly, I need to learn how it works in manual. Added reviews for Utawarerumono - Vol.1&2. Updated the review for Ghost In The Shell - S.A.C. - 2nd Gig - Vol. 5,6&7, Rumbling Hearts Vol.3, Eureka Seven - Vol.8 and Ah! My Goddess - Season 1 - Vol. 6. Then had a tidy up of the links. Strange the longer I seem to spend on the web the less of it I look at.

Quiet Month this time. I have resurrected the miniclub website(a week or two back now), Ive now got the images to work I must remember to change the transfer type to binary. But apart from that I have updated the review for Ghost In The Shell - S.A.C. - 2nd Gig - Vol. 4. Added reviews for Urusei Yatsura 4 - Lum The Forever, Urusei Yatsura - Movie 5 - The Final Chapter, My Neighbours The Yamadas, The Little Norse Prince, Urusei Yatsura - Movie 6 - Always My Darling and Rumbling Hearts Vol.2.

Not much happening here, I have updated the anime web ring link and updated reviews for Planetes Vol.5&6 & DNAngel Vol.7. When not doing that I added reviews for Ghost In The Shell 2 - Innocence, Ghost In The Shell - S.A.C. - 2nd Gig - Vol. 1,2&3, Twin Signal and Urusei Yatsura - Movie 3.

Cornwall Anime's screening night was cancelled this month due to low take up. Which was a pity as I was looking forward to it. Luckily I checked the forum before doing the 50mile round trip to find out it wasnt going to be on!
So instead I have updated reviews for Neon Genesis Evangelion - Vol. 7&8 and Planetes - Vol. 3&4. And added reviews for Neon Genesis Evangelion - Genesis Reborn, Neon Genesis Evangelion - Death And Rebirth.

Have been watching anime all over the place this last month, at Cornwall Anime and there has been loads on Film4 as well. I got through 2 volumes of Eureka 7, go lovefilm!
I have changed the colour scheme on the anime page again, I just cant seem to get it right...
Added anime review for Rumbling Hearts Vol.1, Final Fantasy VII - Advent Children, Pumpkin Scissors - Vol.1, Jin-Ro: The Wolf Brigade, Vampire Hunter D - Bloodlust and Zeoraima - Project Hades / Project Hades 2. Whilst updating anime review for Eureka Seven - Vol.6&7, Gundam Wing - Vol. 9, Gundam Wing - Vol. 10 and Planetes - Vol. 2.
We watched Akira and then episode 1 of Elfen Lied at Cornwall Anime's screening this month. Both very good but tough going, I'd forgotten how much nuditiy there was in Elfen Lied.

I almost got started playing retromud again but failed. I need to put more effort into getting back into it. But instead I updated the webring tags on the anime and retromud pages and added anime review for Afro Samurai, Love Hina Again, Planetes - Vol. 1, 009-1 - Vol.1, Paprika, Strait Jacket, Lupin The Third - Secret Of Mamo and Ocean Waves. Whilst updating anime review for DNAngel - Vol. 6, Eureka Seven - Vol.5, Rahxephon - Vol. 7 and Gundam Wing - Vol. 8.

Wow 2010 already and updates for DNAngel - Vol. 5, Love Hina - Spring Special and Space Adventure Cobra - The Movie. But more importantly than that the site is now hosted at its own domain, which i think is soo much better! And Ive changed broadband suppliers which has meant a madness of email changing and updating stuff.

This is a special pre new year update. I have redesigned the anime page and after many hours of cut-n-pasting the reviews in a new format. Im not totally happy with it and the Manga reviews have gone, but hopefully I can sort it out soon. I also updated/added these reviews: Malice @ Doll, Macross II : Super Dimensional Fortress, Submarine 707R, Sorcerer Hunters Classic Collection, Tokyo Revelation, Karas - The Prophecy, Tekkonkinkreet, Ah! My Goddess - Season 1 - Vol. 5, Rahxephon - Vol. 6, Gundam Wing - Vol. 7, Ghost In The Shell - S.A.C. - Vol. 7, Love Hina - Xmas Special.