Welcome to the DownDraught updates for 2011-201?

Been a while since my last update, but thought I should get one in before christmas. Slow progress on the Dutton, but slow progress is better than no progress. On the anime side of things added FLCL Vol.1, Eureka 7 The Movie and Always My Santa. Have finished watching and updated Hell Girl eps 21-26, Ah! My Goddess Season 2 eps 5-24 and Mushii-shi vol.3-6. Its been a very good time for anime lately last few shows Ive seen have been brilliant!

Added Hell Girl Episode 1-21, Texhnolyze - Vol. 1-6 to the anime page and have done some Dutton and miniclub updates.

A few Dutton updates and a miniclub one. Added reviews for R.O.D. The TV - Vol. 5-7, Witch Hunter Robin - Vol.1-5, Cyber City OEDO 808 and Devil Lady Ep.1.

Just R.O.D. The TV - Vol. 2-4 on the anime page, but I found this tracker that shows how many people on the website and what country they are in. Pretty pointless given the traffic here but too cool no to add!

So much happening since the last update, updates to the miniclub website and a new page for a car I foolishly bought on ebay. Expect many mnore updates there!
As usual I updated some reviews for Black Lagoon - Second Barrage - Vol.1-3 and Hellsing Ultimate Vol.2-4 and added reviews for Vexille and Mushi-Shi - Vol.1-2.

Nearly 2 months since my last update, I just cant seem to get anything done. I must be spending too much time at kongregate.com. But I have managed to add reviews for Coyote Ragtime Show - Vol.1-4, Ergo Proxy - Vol. 1-3, Hellsing Ultimate Vol.1, Eden Of The East - Disc 1, Black Lagoon - Vol. 1-3 and updated reviews for Cromartie High School - Vol. 3-4, Ulysses 31 - Vol. 1-3.
Oh and some updates to the calender on the mini club website.

Updated miniclub site, seem to be starting off slow this year. Completely redesigned the anime page now you dont even have to click on anything, hopefully its cross browser compatible. After that I added reviews for R.O.D. The TV - Vol. 1, Cromartie High School - Vol. 1-2, Project A-Ko - Episodes 1 to 6, Sky Crawlers and Ah! My Goddess - Season 2 - Flights Of Fancy - Part 1 - Disc 1.

I seemed to have been a bit lax in the updating department lately, but I might have found a solution to my camera taking grainy pictures. I have belatedly updated the miniclub website for the new year and on this site I have added reviews for Ghost In The Shell: Stand Alone Complex - Solid State Society, Karas - The Revelation, Sakura Diaries, Spirit Of Wonder, Ponyo and Rahxephon - The Movie. Updated the review for Utawarerumono - Vols.3,4,5&6, 009-1 - Vols.2&3 and Eureka Seven - Vols.9&10