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009-1 Considering the series is 40 years old its not that dated. Different style, very much Metropolis or Lupin. The episodes are self contained with only questions regarding the nature of freedom and sacrifice connecting them. 6.8/10
5 Centimetres Per Second Similar to this directors other works. Beautiful, even if I did have to watch the last part twice to get the meaning. 8/10
A Letter to Momo I really like this. A fun a sentimental film. 8/10
A Lull in the Sea I really like the world they created for this series. Felt a little slow. 7/10
Accel World Started watching it, just cant be bothered with another highschool battling story. 4/10
AD Police Files Set before the formation of the knightsabres (see Bubblegum Crisis), it charters the exploits of Leon (he appears in bubblegum Crisis as well)as hes assigned to the ADP.
It consists of 3 episodes and does a lot questioning what it means to be human etc. Especially the last episode (I want Medicine) which is sort of a dark alternative of Robocop. If your not into the making you think type stuff you might not like this. Its not that dated and theres not a great deal of story but me being a BGC addict happen to like it rather a lot.
AD Police To Protect and Serve Not looking good after the first 7 episodes, there is not really much to keep me watching this other than I bought the whole 12 episodes on 2 DVDs. I find Kenji annoying and the rest I dont know enough about to really feel anything about them. Hans is ok. Well it got a bit better but the whole lot could have been done in a quarter of the number of episodes. 5/10
Afro Samurai Just what you would expect from a samurai show. 6.5/10
Ah! My Goddess - The Movie As I liked the first volume of the series I new this was going to be ok. It was and I enjoyed it, its not genius but it is good! 8/10
Ah! My Goddess - The Series Season 1 is Ah! My Goddess at its best.
Season 2 is just just as great, it gets a little ecchi in places but is otherwise perfect in sentiment. I love this series so much!
Akira Surely everybody has heard of this one, its got motorbike gangs, secret government organisations, lots of fantastic telepathic powers and its the first time I ever saw satellite weapons (ahh). 8/10
A.LI.CE Strange CG adventure, not bad but a rather conveniently and unlikely happy ending. 5/10
Alien Of Darkness Starting off with nice spaceships with all female crews it was looking good. It did go rather downhill from there. Other than that I dont seem to remember anything other than the annoying ferret! 3/10
Always My Santa Narf. A little sickly sweet but fun for the right time of year, maybe I still believe in santa to. 6/10
Amagi Brilliant Park What a wacky series with characters I cared about, a story and an ending. 7/10
Amon Saga Watched it until the end but nothing of note happens, if its the horribly compressed remains of a long running manga series then ok, but otherwise WTF? 3/10
Angels Egg I watched this twice and I'm still not sure what happened 5/10
Angelic Layer I like Clamps stories. The characters are a little too good, in a good not bad way, a bit like Fruits Basket. But still really great. 8/10
The Animatrix I am a fan of all the Matrix movies and this was an interesting aside to the movies. I would like to know if the bits of history covered in this are actual matrix history or not. Animation is top notch and just exceptionally in some places, if you like cg stuff that is. Quite violent in other places, definitely apocalyptic. 7.5/10
Appleseed A Shirow piece of work and it smells rather 80s. Its set in a post apocalyptic world in a city thats run by giant computer. As its all so peaceful there are terrorists running around the place blowing it up.
Our Characters are members of SWAT who spend there time shooting the terrorists. In this story the terrorists (well sabastien) manages to shut down the super computer and cause lots of destruction and its down to our 2 to save the city.
Sounds dodgy?? well compared to the manga its crap, but I still re-watch it.
Appleseed(2004) I was really looking forward to this as I saw bits of it in Richer sounds last year. Good points were the city itself, the CG showed what I think the city of Olympus would look like and the Landmates came out really well. But they messed around with Deunan and Briareos relationship. I think it would of been better if they had left that alone. One more thing is they made Deunan to be almost super human and toned down Briareos abilities. Other than that it all went rather well and worth a watch if you like the Appleseed universe. 7/10
Appleseed: Ex Machina I think this is better than the last movie. Maybe more action over substance, but I thought they got the characters like they should be. But I didnt like the animation of the faces, more general CG than anime? is this just me being picky? You could see John Woos influence in the action scenes and I think they were finally able to showed off Briareos Hecatonchires system properly. 7/10
Arrietty You only really need to watch one Studio Ghibli film to know what the rest are like. Ive seen lots now and this doesnt fail to impress. It was uplifting but quite sad. 8/10
Aquarian Age Different to the norm I suppose, all a bit strange in the first volume will be interesting to see what happens.
Second DVD and its all kicking off, what will happen to Yoriko?
Quite surprisingly this series is only 13 episodes long, which I think is in its favour. The ending was ok as it mostly made sense, it even left me caring about what happened to the characters.
Armageddon Its Korean and its not very good. Whether the two previous facts are connected Im not speculating. Its interesting to see all the things they did different in the this than the anime I usually watch. But I did find myself fast forwarding looking for any interesting bits, and noticing that they missed several perfectly good fan service moments... 3/10
Armitage III- Polymatrix Cool cyberpunk style, and the dub is good. Not too sure about the ending though, I mean its a good ending but not quite right. I would like to see the OVA as its supposed to be better. 6.5/10
Attack on Titan Lives up to the hype, a great series. Cant wait for the 2nd? 8.5/10
A Tree Of Palme I was thinking akira meets nausicaa and then it turns out the director worked on both the previous films. Very surreal kept me interested and certainly not run of the mill 7/10
Azumanga Daioh A brilliant series about a load of girls going through (middle?) school. Thats just about it, it ranges from the off the wall (mainly Osaka based stuff) to the down right poignant. Lots of fun with crazy teachers and its just an amazing series. Which if you like coming of age type series is just perfect. And it has a fitting well done ending which is unusual. 9/10
Baccano Particularly confusing with all the jumping about. but a great story all the same. 7/10
Bakuman Really enjoyed it, shame the second series isnt going to be released in the UK. 7/10
Barefoot Gen The best anti nuke thing ever. Very harrowing, but very good. And to think its all based on real events. 8/10
Battle Angel Alita If you like Cyborgs and stuff its quite good but the Manga is far better.[NB it is a lot better and the anime covers the first 2 volumes, ends on a cliff hanger and need to read the 3rd volume to find out what happens to Yugo] 7/10
Berserk TV series A very good series if not somewhat violent. The ending took a bit of getting over it doesnt pull any punches. 7/10
Berserk The Egg of the King Movie one is a good summary of the first half of the series, nothing new apart from the battle scenes are now cg. 7/10
Beyond The Boundary I really enjoyed this but not the idol trials. A well executed series. 7/10
Bio Hunter This was better than it could have been, looks like another Manga series chopped up to fit an anime (which it is). So it does feel like they are packing it all in. But thats not a problem because it does work and is well put together. I liked the characters, Komada especially. I would like to read the manga but it looks like its not available. 7/10
Black Cat A unsurprising coming of age type drama, enjoyable but unremarkable. 6/10
Black Jack Another typical Manga release, nothing special but it least it isnt awful, its just nothing special. I expect that if I new lots about medical stuff I could slag it off lots... 4.5/10
Black Lagoon Vol. 1-3
Second Barrage Vol. 1-3
Hmm Kinda like Fight Club but with pirates that turns into a gangland shootout. All the fun of crazy violence (very gritty in places) with an insight into what makes the characters behave the way they do. 7/10
Black Magic M-66 Another Shirow effort and the design of reporter shows this. Its about a couple of military robots (M-66s) that bugger off after a transporter crash to try and kill there creators grand daughter.
Now these robots are seriously tough they use theyre excessive strength, speed and manufacturability to cause lots of damage to the soldiers trying to stop them. The story is quite good but its a little hollow and the action is good.
Blood: The Last Vampire Saw this courtesy of C4 animation night, thought the backgrounds where amazing but the main character looked funny (strange lips and all). Was ok but nothing special unless you like vampires I suppose... (NB which I do when they are like the ones in Hellsing, but not these ones) 4/10
Blood C What a strange series, went in ways I anticipated but didnt expect. Not that sure that it really went anywhere. 5/10
Blue Exorcist I rather enjoyed this series, it had a lot going for it but felt a little rushed near the end. 7/10
Blue Gender Besides Yuji being really annoying for the first few episodes the series takes it time to get going. But both Yuji and Marlene develop as characters as the series goes on. Other that the slow start and the somewhat slow point around 2/3 of the way through the series its quite good. 6.8/10
Boogiepop Phantom Ive seen all of it now and Im still not quite sure what to make of it, it could be fun to sit down and analyse but I dont have time for that. As a good point it did actually have an ending even though it was rather difficult to find and confusing. Just a note to say if you like this you might like Paranoia Agent. 6.5/10
Brave Story Looked a bit of a boring coming of age type show, actually it was rather good if you can over look some of the rushed parts of the story. Maybe it could have worked better as a 3 or 4 part OVA? 8/10
Brynhildr Started off really well and then went to shit at about episode 4, couldnt be bothered to watch the rest. 4/10
Btoom Its got interesting characters and ideas, but it doesnt work. I missed the 2nd half of the final episode and didnt even care. 4/10
Bubblegum Crash I thought it was about time I put down my opinions on the Bubblegum. I personally like all of the incarnations, but can see why some people dont like them. But then Id rather have 2040 over CRASH I think.

Now if you think that you might like the Bubblegum Crisis Universe I would suggest that you first watch the AD Police Files and then watch Bubblegum Crisis and then watch CRASH which you may not like.
Then you can if you want watch 2040 but this is quite different, and doesnt fit in with the any of the above.
What am I talking about?! just read the reviews below and make your own mind up OK?

Bubblegum Crash

Crash in my opinion is set between 2032 and 2040 and ties in well with the two other series apart from 2040 has all that stuff about the sabres starting etc. Other than that I liked it, but being bit of a fan I suppose thats not a surprise!
Other than that it just provides more of the same as the other series. Only I must say that the ending is bit more like 2040 than anything else. Most of the other characters are in this but Mackie only makes a fleeting appearance and pops has disappeared completely!
After watching it again Ive decided its a bit cheesy so now I dont think its as good as any of the originals

Bubblegum Crisis OVA Ahh, I could type for ages here but itd end up making no sense so Ill try and contain myself
This is set after ADP when the voomers(beings with synthetic organs and artifical intelegense) are a lot more advance, the ADP are still there but now we see the Knight sabers for 6 great episodesas they battle voomers and take on the mightly Genom, check out the links for more info.
This has to be one of my favorite animes I like the character designs the music(its VERY good) and just about everything else. Having seen both the subbed and dubbed versions, I think people have been over acting about the dubb. After hearing what people said about it wasnt as bad as I though, this could be because I went from the dubb to subb rather than the other way. At least they didnt change all the words like the 2040 dubbs.
Bubblegum Crisis 2040 This takes the hardsuit design from the OVA and then changes everything else a little bit. Lots of people dislike this as its not the orignal and I dont blame them, but I take it as a different story from the same reality.
Its got most of the stuff the originals got only the characters are slightly different, the voomers are completely different(a complete change but I guess for the story) and I didnt like what they did with the ADP, they went from competent and struggling in the OVA to crap and useless cannon fodder. But the series still has Mackie and all the other characters I like, the only problem is that it takes the first 10 of the 26 episodes to really get going, Oh and theres a blatant Revenge Road rip off in there as well.
IF you like the original then read lots of reviews before buying this as it may or may not suit you, but then I dont have a problem with remakes as such so maybe Im not a good judge??
I just had another thought about this and decided that the series is bested watched as a whole, I went back and watched a episode at random and I didnt think it was good, but I guess its because I watched it out place as it were.
Burn Up Warriors I was ill when I watched this and did actually watch it twice. I still think it is rather good though, nothing overly deep but very good fun, it does get more serious in the second half (be interesting to see if Burn Up Excess is like the first or second half?). There is rather a lot of fan service and its not subtle either but I was able to cope with that :) 7/10
Burn Up Excess I started off liking the series but by the last few episodes Id had enough of the fan service (serious issue I know). I like the characters its just that I got bored with all the sillyness by the end. 6/10
Burst Angel A Burn up Excess / Bubblegum Crisis (lots of ideas taken from here) / Ghost in the Shell cross. It has its good points which are: Megs breasts (the best animated Ive seen in ages) and the Mecha battles which are fun. Somehow this series is not a sum of its parts. 6/10
Canaan An interesting little series, good characters and an ending. 8/10
Candy Boy Ep. 1-6 Well, incest is not a theme I usually go for and I really liked this series. So one up for streaming anime of the internets! 7/10
CardCaptors Now this is the hack dub of the original Card Captor Sakura(SP?) But it goes to show how good the original must be for a hacked up dub to still be good. To start off with I though the dub was OK but then There was a pause in the screening and when it started again, I saw the light and The voice of a 34year old trapped in the body of a 10 year old quote sprung to mind.
But then I shouldnt knock it as if CITV haddnt put it on I wouldnt have seen it at all and that would have been a shame.
*/10no rating as its a shame to mark something down because of a re-edit
Casshan - Robot Hunter Ah its Cliche, has stupid villains and is otherwise not very good apart from the heroines costume(or lack of). Other than that reminds me of something the Freakazoid would like...
Just thought of a good bit, I like the way it was drawn and the style of the characters. and another thing, I recon people would be better of as Neoroids anyway...
Laputa Castle in the Sky I saw this on UK tv a very long time ago, it could even have been the first anime film I ever saw. It is good as you would expect from Studio Ghibli. Not as good as some of the studios other titles but still worth a watch. I cas see the Welsh connctions, dont remember seeing any forests though. Wales has lots of forests, not in the industrial areas though. I do like old rundown industrial areas, they have a very special feeling if not just a little strange. 6/10
The Castle Of Cagliostro If your a fan of any of Lupins adventures you cant go wrong with this one. Its pretty much the stock thing only this time appears to be set somewhere in Europe, fancy castles and guards with fancy uniforms. Other than that more Lupin madness 6/10
The Cat Returns This certainly hit the spot. It was a little surreal but I did enjoy it 7/10
Chaos Head A bit cheesy in places but its delusional nature makes it great. 7.5/10
Chiaka Season 1 Quite entertaining 6/10
Chobits This is just a great series. All the characters are brilliant, its got plot twists, love triangles, cuteness, silliness just everything it needs and I enjoyed every minute of it. Need Moar! 9.5/10
Chrono Crusade Starts off a bit silly but the gets down to being quite serious. Rosette and Chrono are just great characters and the series goes on without any really slow points to have a dramatic(almost forgot to breathe) finish. 7.5/10
Claymore Its one of the better fanservice/dismemberment shows Ive seen in a while. Bear in mind it's based on the first 11 volumes of the manga currently running to 22 volumes, especially when you get to the end, Good put just misses out on being great by the skin of its teeth. 7.5/10
The Cockpit Rather a odd title, very good war story showing a few different sides during WW2. You can tell it was by Leiji Matsumoto. 7/10
Colorful I didnt know what this was when I rented it but I do now! Its basically about lechery (see lecherous in some online dictionary) and I recon that every bloke in the world is guilty of something covered in this series. L... R... but it made me laugh, I wish there where more girls around here that wore skirts like those! (mind you I wish there were more girls fullstop...) 6/10
Coppelion Didnt finish watching it, managed a few episodes but gave up. 4/10
Cosplay Complex First episode was ok and the title music was really good. But the series of 3 has no ending and just not that good. 5/10
Cowboy Bebop I like the characters, music, backgrounds and designs. Its good but I just cant get into it. 7/10
Cowboy Bebop The Movie This is a very cool movie an exceptionally cool movie, but why did I enjoy it so much more than the series? 8/10
Coyote Ragtime Show Another series with all the right ingredients but somehow fails to be good. It was just a bit boring and Im sure more could have been done with the concept. 5/10
Cromartie High School Vol. 1-4 It did take a while to get into and I liked the short episode format. I was sad when it finished as I got quite attached to its strange ways. 7.5/10
Cyber City OEDO 808 Early 90s when cyber punk really was. The story is simple enough. But I love the depictions of the future a bit like the cover of 60s or 70s scifi novel. 7/10
Dai Guard As all the other reviews state its a Eva clone and they are right. It is a bit tried and tested and otherwise un exciting but I do like a couple of the supporting cast more than the main characters! 5.5/10
Dangaioh Great character design seemed a bit BGC type era. Which isnt a problem, the slightly corny bits of the script and a serious lacking of an end are. Ive heard they have made a new series, but they will have changed the character design and it just wont be the same. 6/10
Daphne in the Brilliant Blue Their battle dress or maybe undress was a little much, but what a fun series that I really enjoyed it. 7/10
The Dark Myth - Parts 1 And 2 I watched it a month ago and I cant remember much. Gruesome in places. 4/10
Darker than Black Excellent and well rounded series, I can't think of any bad points apart from the strange 26th episode. 8/10
Darker than Black - Season 2 OK not as good as the first season 7/10
Darker than Black the OVA If I had watched this before season 2 everything would have made so much more sense! 7/10
Dead Leaves Mad as a brush. Its quite short for a film but manages to get it all done by doing it at a brake neck speed. Funny and needlessly violent, what more could you ask for? 7/10
Desert Punk ep.1-24 The Sunabozu is such a vile character its actually hard to like.First half of the series is good / silly. But then it gets all serious. I am saying good in concept but not great, maybe the manga is better? 7/10
Detonator Orgun Now you might want to make yourself comfy for this one as it took hours to watch last night. Im guessing but it looks like Manga made this one with some cut and pasting of many episodes together, but that doesnt actually matter as its quite good. It has a resonable plot with great mecha designs and battles, the style is a little dated but the quality is still good. And it kept me interested over the several hours it took to watch! Cant remember how many but something like 2-3hrs! 7/10
The Devil is a Part Timer Teen romance, Boob jokes and a discussion of power and what is good and evil. I rather like it. 7/10
Devil Lady Ep 1-2 Well Im not sure so far, giant monsters and the coming to terms of being one, thoughts on suicide who knows how this is going to pan out? 6.3/10
Dirty Pair Flash I did kind of like this, I did like Yuri but Kei kinda pissed me off a bit, not a bad start will wait to see how the other volumes pan out.
Second volume was ok, funny in places but nothing special. It did look like a cool holiday location though. And an excelent chance to feature it all in a current setting as apposed to a futuristic one.

Meh, I dunno. Now I prefer Kei to Yuri? I still fails to move me, Im not sure what I dont like about it. I think this volume might be better than the other volumes.

Divergence Eve Hmm fan service, lots of it, mixed in with lots of Gainax bounce. I mean its all a little too much. But if you can look past it (round might be easier) the characters and plot are interesting enough. After the first 5 episodes it could either way. Oh I forgot to mention the rather dodgy CGI bits, really not that impressive.
Right I can now look past the iffy CGI and Im sure that behind those Giant breasts there is quite a good story. Its gotten a little creapy as well, will be interesting to see the last volume.
Only 3 volumes? I havent been bothered to look but Im sure this is one of those series that someone suddenly realised what was going on and pulled the plug on it. The fan service did not mesh well with the heavy seriousness of the story so it seems to have been abruptly ended. This series is surprisingly good given how bad it could have been.
DNAngel Its a fun series with quite a serious side to it. I really enjoyed the love triangle and the various twists and turns, but couldnt really get into the series. 7/10
The Digital Devil Ah the good and bad old days of manga entertainment. This is really quite poor and has no real ending but does have some nice old mainframe style tape drives. 4/10
Dominion Tank Police OVA The Tank Police are Police that use tanks to control Newport citys troublesome terrorists(where would we be without them) The use rather unconventional taticts such as grenade golf, they also have a habit of doing rather more damage than the terrorists! This is fun and slightly silly but its worth watching, again its another Shirow effort and this shows from the design of Leona if you liked his other stuff then you should like this too.
and keep an eye out for the Ultimate Deterant
New Dominion Tank Police Bit of the original really, all the same characters but I thought that it wasnt as good as the original, still if you liked the original it might be worth checking out 6.8/10
Dragon Half - Vol. 1 - Episodes 1 And 2 Just as daft as the Manga and contains the first 17 parts of the manga, minus a few bits. Made me laugh anyway.. 6/10
Durarara!! A great collection of characters but not enough time to really get to know any of them. 7/10
Dusk Maiden of Amnesia I really enjoyed this, even though it was predictable and silly. 8/10
Elfen Lied After first few episodes is kinda reminds me of Chobits only with more killing and dismembering. This line from the synopsis sum it up rather well, contrasts the opposing forces of innocence and evil with equal parts beauty and violence. But somehow this is a horror themed love story? it does not make much sense but I really enjoyed it. Quite how anything can be so brutal and yet tender at the same time is almost beyond me. Bit of an abrupt ending, but better that than a drawn out one! 8.5/10
Eden Of The East Rather a fun series, Ive seen less plot spun over many more episodes. I want more and fortunately there is a movie to watch! 7/10
Eden Of The East Movie 1&2 You need to watch both at the same time. Well worth it if you liked the series wont make much sense if you havent. 7/10
Ergo Proxy A dark psychological series, think Evangelion, ADPolice/Bubblegum Crisis mix with some Matrix. Re l reminds me of Witch Hunter Robin. Worth sticking with til the end. 8/10
Escaflowne Has its moments but I didnt really get into it that well. The ending was ok but seemed a bit rushed considering how the series dragged on. 6.8/10
Eureka Seven A real epic and takes a little while to get really going, but it does go very well. The ending is ok but its hard to finish a series thats had so much story. 8/10
Eureka Seven The Movie A remix of the series, its got all the characters but everything is different, apart from the feel of the story. 7.5/10
Excel Saga If you like random and weird this series is the one for you. It does parody pretty much everything, some bits I liked but I found the middle part of the series rather hard going, I actually quite liked the ending. 6/10
Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within Not sure if this should really be in here, but.... it was actually very good, I did like the computer animation and the story was pretty good if not filled with a few cliche type characters. Definitely worth watching. 8/10
Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children It probably would have helped if I new anything about Final Fantasy. As a piece of rendering its fantastic and the battles a very intense and fast paced, a bit like Karas. Maybe I should have watched the bit on the DVD that outlines the history? 7/10
First Squad Quite good, needs more though. Even sets itself up for it. 7/10
Fist of the North Star First watched this when I was at secondary school and liked it, I bought it from MVC when it was going cheap but it didnt live up to my memories.
If you want to see people dying in many different painful and bloody ways (which occasionly appeals to me) then its worth watching. Although you must remember that many people consider this one of the worst anime available along with MD Geist
FLCL What a strange series. Random like Excel Saga but with gomusic and a plot of sorts. 7/10
Flowers of Evil A very awkward series, managed a few episodes before disliking it too much to continue. 2/10
From the New World Quite an interesting series, very well thought out and mostly all good. Nothing particularly bad, just didnt quite hit the spot. 6/10
Fruits Basket Apart from the overly good main character this series is great. It has a change in tone near the end of the series and a really great ending. 7/10
Full Metal Panic Interesting series with a good cast, its a shame they left the ending open for the sequal. No real bad points but why did mithirl not kill its arch enemy as soon as they caught him? Did make for a much better ending though. 7/10
FullMetal Alchemist This series goes on forever, which is great if you like it. I did but it went on a little too long. 7/10
Fullmetal Alchemist Conqueror of Shamballa Nice Movie accompaniment to the series. I do feel sorry for winry. 7/10
Fuse Quite Ghibli esk in feel. 8/10
G-Force - Guardians Of Space Oh dear, this did not survive the test of time, it was bad so but I did manage the first few minutes and then turned it off. 2/10
Gad Guard Started a bit slow and never really got going, has a suitably strange ending. Hajiki doesnt seem to know what side his bread is buttered on, is this must be cultural miss understanding on my part? Other than that its ok, worth keeping an eye out for the german village with a american high school gang part way through the series. 6.9/10
Gantz One of the voice actors summed up this series the best by describing it as an ordeal. It is very violent and emotionally damaging in places, but I really liked the whole series and found it all really well done. 8/10
Garden of Words Only 45minutes long but very good as are the rest of his films. 8/10
Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet A nice series, a little predictable near the end and a strange last couple of episodes. Good ending and I enjoyed it a lot 8/10
Gasaraki A bit confusing and hard to follow at times, has good / realistic? mecha battles. Very in depth story line, does get a little drawn out about 3/4 of the way through. Other than that its very good and doesnt go to weird at the end. 7/10
Generator Gawl It was like Id seen all the characters before, nothing new but thats ok. It was all going along nicely and just finished in a complete sudden thing, it was so quick I had to rewind and watch it again. Apart from the general confusion it didnt finish very well, bit of a let down really 7/10
GenoCyber Stage 1 I watched this and realised Id wasted money. I then watched it again and it started to make some kind of sense.
I found it exceptionally gruesome, theres stuff in there I didnt want to see. But there again lots of people seem to like it and it is better(some how) than FoTNS but I didnt like it.
Gestalt Has its good moments but is mostly slapstick and doesnt even have an ending. 5/10
Get Backers - Vol. 1-5 I watched up to episode 25 and just as I thought it was going to come to an end I find there still another 5 DVD volumes left to go!
Its ok, but not worthy of so many episodes.
Ghost in the Shell A classic and was something else when it first came out. Very profound has lots of what does it mean to be human stuff in it so I thought it was great. On the tape I have, it has a trailer for the Game Sydicate Wars by Bullfrog, Remember that one?? 8/10
Ghost In The Shell - Stand Alone Complex Deep in places lots of action and intrigue going on. A good series with an exciting ending. 8/10
Ghost In The Shell 2 - Innocence Ghost In The Shell without the major. Its what youd expect but Im sure Ive seen the story somewhere before (previous GITS or maybe the manga?). So it was ok, but didnt really get me going. 7/10
Ghost In The Shell - S.A.C. - 2nd Gig All very interesting, but I found it strung out. It had great characters, Kuze was a my favourite. Great moments, the Tachikoma were amazing near the end. It just didnt really get me going. 7/10
Ghost In The Shell: Stand Alone Complex - Solid State Society I got the feeling they might have jumped the shark. I liked it more than the 2nd Gig but I dont think it added anything more to the franchise. Good GITS action but thats it. 7/10
Ghost In The Shell: Arise Interesting back story but not blowing my mind, I'll watch it again and see how it goes 7/10
Ghost in the Shell: The New Movie More Interesting back story and runs nicely into the start of the original movie. 7/10
Ghost Sweeper Mikami Only watched it last night and Ive forgotten all about it already. Its alright but it just isnt anything special. Maybe its just dated, but I did like some of the supporting characters. 4/10
The Gigolo This was as bad as the other title on the same DVD, nothing to note at all. apart from the waste of the Cobra at the end. 2/10
Gilgamesh Rarely do I see something I dislike so completely, everything about it is below par except the sheltering sky. It takes ages (15 episodes) to get going, gets quite good and then everyone dies. Watch something else. 4/10
Giovannis Island Lots of feels but not a jolly show, think Barefoot Glen. 7/10
The Girl Who Leapt Through Time Different and not too confusing for a time travel story line. A really good show! 7.5/10
Golgo 13 After the first 5 minutes or so I thought it was going to be awful. But then near the end I didnt think it was too bad. It kept me entertained enough to want to know what happened at the end, but I didnt really care which way it would go. 5/10
Grave Of The Fireflies I agree war is hideous, but I have no time for Seita as I think he could of done more for himself and Setsuko. Even though the relations he stayed with were not very nice. If Im wrong about this let me know, I just didnt really feel for Seita.
One more thing, Id never seen fire bombing done the way portrayed here. Is it an American thing or just something Id not seen before?
Guilty Crown OK but takes a while to get going. Got a bit of an Eureka7 feel about it but no way near as good. 6/10
Gun Grave A very good story throughout. A few bits no really explained but they are all minor points. let down by some below par animation 7/10
Gunbuster This was truly amazing, I take back all the unfounded ideas I had that it was rubbish. I thought it was simply fantastic, the scale of the space battles was probably actually quite accurate but almost too big to believe at the same time! I cant really sum it up in a small amount of words but I will definitely be buying a copy of this (I rented it you see) 9.5/10
Gunbuster 2 I don't remember watching the first one, but this can't have been as good. Better near the end 6/10
Gundam Wing Mecha action with a really huge story that goes on for over 40 episodes. Ok if you like that sort of thing, but I did find it a little repetitive after a while. Not a bad ending though. 6.5/10
Gunsmith Cats - Bulletproof I think Im getting slowly obsessed with Rally! The attention to detail is exceptional and the action scenes are great. Worst thing about the DVD is the fact that you seem to hear the title music too often and Id better not mention the Making of they included.. 8/10
Gurren Lagann Takes a little while to get going but when it does its well worth it. 8/10
Gun X Sword A good buck of characters but the story is a little disjointed in places 6/10
Gyo Fish Attack Interesting concept but it wasnt very good. It was just pointless 4/10
Hack // Sign Strange series, but liked the look and feel of it. A bit slow and the ending took some working out, but I think I got there. 6.8/10
Hakkenden series 1 Nothing new here but quite entertaining. 6/10
Hal Another of them masterpieces. 8/10
Heavy Gear - Series 1 This isnt anime but I thought it worth a mention. The only thing this has going for it is the battle scenes, which feature interesting mecha. If you dont like that then this is gonna like pulling teeth. But I liked the battles and thought it was pretty cool. It whiled away a few hours anyway. 6/10
Hell Girl A bit like Vampire Princess Miyu for the first volume, but then settles down to a formula it keeps pretty much for the rest of the show. Sinister in places and tells a good story. Doesnt even go all weird at the end, it wraps things up quite well leaving it open for the following series. 8/10
Hellsing I find the whole vampire thing very seductive. I know its supposed to be set in England, but they havent quite got it right, there are a few americanisms slipping in. Apart from the ending that sort of ruins it all the basic premise for the series is really good. Im off to read the manga instead. 7/10
Hellsing Ultimate Vol.1-8 Its all awesome up to number 8 and they havent released ova 9 and 10 in english yet! its been 18months and no plans yet. I guess Im just going to have to buy all the manga instaed! 8/10
Hetalia Watchable but somehow lacking something. 5/10
Howl's Moving Castle This was the first anime I have ever saw at the cinema and it was a really bad 3hour round trip drive to exeter as well. That didnt dampen my liking of the film at all. I cant think of a bad thing to say about it, the characters, story and artwork are also great. Did I mention I got wet walking back to my car? 9/10
Humanity Has Declined I really like this series even though it was a little peculiar. 8/10
The Humanoid Has same amount of interest as the cover picture only spread out over and hour. So if you like really dodgy 80s anime then this is one for you. 4/10
Idol Of Darkness Awful, but I did manage to watch until the end. 2/10
Innocent Venus Lots of ideas I've seen before but only put together ok 6/10
Iria: Zeiram the Animation IRIA!!!!
this was the first anime I every bought and I think Ive watched it too Much! Ill try to get it on DVD soon so I can see the subbed version. Proper science fiction, nifty futuristic technology, nice styling, loads of gadgets, plus gunfights and a nice bit of mass destruction at the end. I like episode 3&4 the best, and theyre the ones I find Iria the most annoying......
Jin-Ro: The Wolf Brigade Think little red riding hood and then forget everything you know about what normally happens. Very detailed and you can see the production staff worked on Ghost in the Shell. A particularly gloomy film but very well done. 8/10
Journey to Agartha 5 Centimeters per second meets studio ghibli. Quite a lot of death in this but is a good watch. 7/10
Karas The Prophecy Lots of really good action sequences, the odd bit of dodgy cg and some really good cg. Its a very busy anime which makes it tough going. 6/10
Karas The Revelation I liked the follow up more than the original, a bit easier to follow but just as action packed. 7/10
KaiDohMaru Certainly different, quite a strange washed out style with rather nice 3D CG backgrounds. Far too short, might be worth reading the character bios in the extras before watching the film, I was a bit confused until I did. 6/10
Kekko Kamen OMG Its as bad as all the reviews say, save for a few quite funny bits. Just why do I bother to watch things I know are going to be rubbish? 3/10
Kiddy Grade Pretty to look at, cool space ships and risque outfits. Lots going for it but it just never quite got there. Plot twists and people suddenly having talents they havent used before. 5.8/10
Kids on the Slope Great series, even made me like Jazz. 9/10
Kiki's Delivery Service Can Hiyao Miyazaki make bad films? As this is the second Ive seen Im not sure(Princess Mononoke being the first){as an aside I did see Castle in the sky when I was very young, so i guess this makes it the 3rd}. Not as good as Princess Mononoke but still very well done. Had me wondering what happened when the DVD player stuck at the exact point when kiki landed face down on the bed, first of all I thought it was a dramatic pause but after a few seconds I realised not.. 9/10
King Of Bandit Jing Kir Royale!!! got kinda boring after a while. I suppose Jing is kinda cool but it didnt really do anything for me. He was just way better than most of his opponents and battled them for seemingly pointless reasons. Later on we got some Pora Vora! To finish off we have an ending unconnected to the rest of the series. 6.5/10
Kino's Journey The first few episodes are a bit spaced out, but its got a talking motorbike and Kino uses a old percussion Colt Army Revolver. Which looks just like my Uberti Colt 1851 Navy! Only mines in .36
Guns and talking vehicles aside this series starts off really well. Which is a shame as it not going anywhere. The world in which Kino roams just a collection of strange and small countries that seem to have no connection to each other? I like Kino and Hermes but the whole journey thing just ended with no real end at all. Its a collection of stories about Kino, I think it needed a underlying plot.
Knights of Sidonia A strange art style, but I thought is suited the series. A very strange end to the series which was a pity, I needed some closure 8/10
Kurau Phantom Memory I really enjoyed this the whole way through It didnt bog down anywhere or loose the plot at the end! 8/10
LA Blue Girl Returns Well this was more amusing than erotic. They must have cut loads out.
Why did I rent the second volume, I knew it was going to be awful. Well it was, best bit was the american guy at the start trying to explain why it was all ok and not nearly as screwed up as it actually is.
Landlock I managed to watch it all the way through but it didnt go anywhere and seemed a bit flat. 4/10
Le Portrait De Petite Cossette Original, tricky to follow and full of persecution like Aquarian Age. Rather a gothic Loli treat! 7/10
Last Exile A great series with good characters, story and world for it all to happen in. It gets a little slow around the middle of the series but recovers and has a believable ending. 7/10
Last Exile The Silver Wing A good continuation of the first series. 7/10
Legend of the Millennium Dragon No surprises here. Good but not great. 7/10
Love Hina Episodes 1-24 I can not deny that this is good, I love all the characters (even the strange old men offering random confusing wisdom). But there are series that do this better. 8/10
Love Hina Xmas Special and Episode 25 I really liked the Xmas special and it contained episode 25 from the series which had too much fan service. 8/10
Love Hina Spring Special It was all right. Wasnt any good compared to the rest of the series, but nice as a close. 6/10
Love Hina Again I quite liked Again but Ive decided that Love Hina is AH/Oh my Goddess with much more fan service and less actual goddesses. 7/10
Lunar Legend I started off thinking just another high school battling demons series, I was right but it was surprisingly good. 7.5/10
Lupin III: The Secret of Mamo In a silly way I did enjoy this. Good in places but its what you expect from a Lupin movie. 5.5/10
Lupin III: The Secret of Twilight Gemini Its ok, I suppose. 4/10
Lupin III: The Pursuit Of Harimao It has a lot of English references that are actually rather accurate. 5/10
Macross II : Super Dimensional Fortress Ah for the days when interstellar warfare could be solved with jpop! A little dated, but you can see where all the mecha ideas come from. 7/10
Macross Plus The Movie One of the best things Ive seen in ages. Great mecha and the story is amazing. If you like aerial chase scenes your in for a real treat. 9/10
Madox-01 - Metal Skin Panic This would have been awful if it wasnt for the design of Madox, I liked the Mecha but everything else (plot, characters and the general idea of the thing) was just not very good or funny. 5/10
Magi box 1 and 2 I rather enjoyed this arabian nights themed series. Almost enough to watch more of it, 25 eps is enough for the time being 6/10
Magical Shopping Arcade Abenobashi Starts off fairly normal just like the blurb says. Then gets a bit mysterious and then goes absolutely bonkers. This series now contains one of the things I really like about anime, a sudden change in atmosphere. Everything is bumbling along, much craziness and hilarity. Then whack, something really serious happens changes the whole feel and significance of the thing. Works it out (sort off) and then carries on. It just doesnt seem to happen like this anywhere else.
Its all over in only 4 volumes I wish the craziness could have gone on some more. It does have an ending of sorts even if its a bit quick.
Mahoromatic - Automatic Maide Funny yet peculiar. Suguru's teacher is a bit much. Mahoro is a little overly pure. Last volume of the series and it was all a little traumatic, still quite good and had a good ending if not a little open ended. No sign of the second series yet {edit its already done...} 7.5/10
Malice @ Doll A strange and I think overlooked title. Not really Hentai, very dark (literally in places) but I rather enjoyed it. 7.5/10
Mardock Scramble 1-3 I really liked this even though it could have been done in 2 parts not 3 8/10
Martian Successor Nadesico Starts off good but reaches a climax about halfway through and then disappointed me for the rest of the series. 6/10
Martian Successor Nadesico The Movie Did I miss something, but I found this confusing and boring? 5/10
M.D. Geist - Directors Cut / Death Force Another rushed movie. Started off ok but I lost track of who was evil and who was not. It did have an ending but I want to know more about the kid who got killed in the final battle? Cool mecha very different and detailed, bet it was a pain to animate! 6.5/10
Medabots - Vol. 1 (2001 - DVD) Awful, I managed the first episode and turned it off. 1/10
Megazone 23 (Two Three) Part 1 Made in the 80s and looks like it (YES!) the story is very good and there are shrines to Eve all over the place. Anyone have parts 2 and 3? 7/10
The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya A great series that dosent loose its head. 7/10
Memories 3 episodes, first ones in space and really good. 2nd one is really funny with a sort of apocalyptic feel. 3rd one is a rather interesting and weird. 7/10
Michiko and Hatchin Most of the characters were not very nice, but I enjoyed the series 8/10
Millennium Actress Surprisingly different. I really like the way it panned out, the ending might not be to everyones taste. 8/10
Mirai Nikki Future Diary Eps1-13 Quite an interesting shame I've only seen half the series. 7/10
Miss hokusai Strange, doesnt really do a lot. but I rather liked its noneventfulness and history lesson in erotic japanese art. 7/10
Mission Of Darkness Bad and lame. Vaguely amusing in places and it has a really hot scientist.... but thats it. 4/10
The Murder Case of Hana and Alice Strange animation but I rather enjoyed its story. 7/10
Mushi-Shi You only need to watch the first episode to know what this series is all about. Fortunately I loved it, there is something very moving about this series. Sometimes you get to see a film thats just amazing, here that level of achievement is maintained for a whole series. 9/10
My Neighbour Totoro Being a big fan of Studio Ghibli films I was always going to like this one. I really liked the whole moving into the new house. Other than that it was just plain good but certainly not amazing, there was no jaw dropping or anything. 7/10
My Neighbours The Yamadas Its good to see people all over the world are very similar really. I think its just the social setting thats different. Not typical anime style but enjoyable all the same. 7/10
Najica Blitz Tactics Might have been al right if the panty budget had been spent on the story.I liked the Humaritts and Lila reminded me of Maico. 5/10
Nausicaa Ohmus and the nasty villains. That and a wonderful end to the world. 7/10
Nadia The Secret of Blue Water Its a good series that did wander off somewhere for a few episodes before getting back to business again. It even managed a hollywood style ending. I think it may have influenced a lot of other series 7.8/10
Neon Genesis Evangelion - Original TV series You could watch this series and then skip nearly all the other mecha series. An exceptional series. My only quibble is about the last couple of episodes. My rating is for the most of the series, I didnt really (and nor has anyone else by the look of the interwebs) got the ending. 9/10
NGE - Genesis Reborn - Genesis Reborn So I screwed up and watch this disk first instead of Resurrection. but in a way it saved me a rental. This a better ending and makes slightly more sense than the original one. 9/10
Neon Genesis Evangelion - Death And Rebirth Yes its completely different from all other endings and ends with a cliff hanger for End of Evangelion. Not sure if its better than the original ending yet.Possibly not as depressing, but then I did quite like the original ending. 9/10
New Gall Force 6 days since I saw this and can't remember what happened. 4.5/10
Ninja Scroll Far better than the Manga Video trailers would have you believe. I thought it was rather good. 6.5/10
Noir If you like the noir feeling of the series great, if not... 6/10
Noragami A Brilliant little series, not much to dislike about this one 8/10
The Little Norse Prince Not really anime and really old. Not a bad story just a little dated. But it does have a lot of good characters and probably some of the first occurrences of anime stereotypes. 6/10
Ocean Waves I would say that this is a very Japanese tale about some students growing up. Nothing really (in dramatical movie style) happens, but its just a story about something that might well have happened. 7/10
Oh My Goddess! I really liked this from the first episode. Shame its only a few episodes. 7.8/10
Only Yesterday Can this studio do any wrong? Just as the synopsis describes but beautiful all the same. 8/10
ORGUSS 02 This was longer than I expected and Lean was annoying as a typical hero type. Besides this, overly massive robots and the oddball ending it was not bad. 6.5/10
Origin - Spirits of the Past Princess Mononoke / Nausicaa / Spriggan mix and therefore right up my street. Lacked that special something to make it really great. 8/10
Otogi Zoshi Rather a change halfway through but I did care what happend at the end. 6/10
Ouran Dispite my better judgement I rather enjoyed this. 6/10
Outlaw Star Action packed, has funny bits and the odd serious bit. Obvious in others but manages an ending. 8/10
OZ Satellite weapons, a post apocalyptic world, rather tough, destructive and attractive cyberdroids, love interest between all of the major cast. Oh and a big explosion at the end. It looks a little dated, the animation quality and plot are nowt special. 5/10
Paprika A bit like Paranoia Agent. Not sure whats real and whats a dream. 7/10
Paranoia Agent Like Boogipop Fantom only not as dark. Most of the characters are strange and near the ending things start to get really weird. 7/10
Parasite Dolls Looking forward to more from the AD Police/Bubblegum Crisis/Genom world. At the start there was much ADP goodness but it all went off on a tangent as the movie progressed. Once the step forwards in time bits started it sort of lost it abit for me. But it was good to see some boomers for the first time in a while. 7/10
Patema Inverted What a fun film, I had to google it to find out what was going on. I'd watch it first and dont spoil the suprise. 7/10
Patlabor 1+2 Good story but needs more Mecha action, what it does have is good. 5.5/10
Perfect Blue Had a lot of problems with this disk, looked ok but I wonder whether MANGA screwed up the release or not?
Started of ok but went weird, the middle to end was hard to follow.
The Place Promised In Our Early Days One of the most beautiful things I have ever seen, its got a great story and a decent ending. I wouldnt recommend it to anyone who didnt like sentimental things, oh and most of it takes place at sunset. 9/10
Planetes A great series about people working in near future space. Brilliant if your up for a bit of romantic world putting to rights story telling with depth. 8.5/10
Plastic Little No small plastic things that I saw, but a bath room Id really like. 6/10
Porco Rosso Not quite Howls moving castle but a fun enough Ghibli film. It was good but not great. 7/10
Pom Poko Its not every day you see a film about shape shifting Raccoons. Interesting coverage of mass urbanisation. 6/10
Ponyo Yay for more Studio Ghibli. Think My Neighbour Totoro and you wont be too far off in feel. It lacked story as it hinted at more background than it revealed. 7/10
Pretear - Vol. 1-2 Not really my thing, I did think it was rather sweet. After the second volume I cant be bothered to watch any more. 5/10
Princess Mononoke Words like amazing and beautiful fail to describe this, its the most powerful thing Ive seen to date. 9.9/10
Project A-Ko - Eps 1-6 Wacky 80s parody anime. Loads of characters from that era make an appearance. First couple of episodes are quite good, second and third are ok, but the last 2 Im not sure about. 6.5/10
Psycho Diver - Soul Siren Apart from having a cool name and some ones head exploding not a lot happened. Very similar drivel to Black Jack and The Gigolo. 3/10
Psychic Wars I plead with you to not watch this. 1/10
Pumpkin Scissors episode 1 I like the idea but its not really to my liking. Maybe it will get less silly and a bit more exciting? 6/10
Puni Puni Poem Absolutely bonkers, I think its parodying a parody of itself while not making any sense!? 6/10
Queen Emeraldas Ive nearly read all of Galaxy Express 999. So this just looks like a few ideas joined together to make a movie. 6/10
Queen's Blade watched a bit online and what a load of rubbish. Quite enjoyed the literal subs, just too many boobs (its a bad thing to have to say) 5/10
Rahxephon Think Neon Genesis Evangelion with music and a understandable ending with only a few loose ends. 7.5/10
Rahxephon - The Movie An excellent companion to the series, provides some extra detail while getting through the story in an movie timeframe 7.5/10
Rayearth - Vols. 1-3 Didnt have a problem watching it, just not the sort of thing I really like. 5.5/10
Read or Die I liked the characters and the ending was good. 8/10
R.O.D. The TVread or die Started well then tailed off. It raised some really interesting ideas whilst getting confusing. But pulled itself together for a sensible ending. 6.5/10
Red Hawk - Weapon Of Death A typical Manga video release. Slightly better than the likes of Amon Saga. But what really interested me was the main characters similarity to Vash The Stampede, he doesnt do it as well as Vash but so far hes the only other hero Ive seen who does. 5/10
Redline Visually remarkable and quite entertaining. 6.5/10
Rei Rei Vaguely amusing otherwise nothing special, I did rather like the goddess though 2/10
Requiem From The Darkness I really like the opening for this series. Like a dream in places, the sets and side characters are strange. Short series but manages an ending. 7/10
Riding Bean Bean Bandit who is hard as nails, A blond Rally from Gunsmiths Cats. Fast car chases with Beans car that is bullet proof and can drive side ways. 6/10
Rin, Daughters Of Mnemosyne If you can cope with the sex and violence, there is a lot and its graphic, you get a very interesting and well laid out series. 7/10
Robotech Very dated, maybe I should have watched it 20years ago! 5/10
Robotech 2 - The Sentinels For a minute I thought this was Starblazers, this is a bit dated. Ignoring the odd plot hole it was ok. 6/10
Robotic Notes I enjoyed this even though it was a bit cheasey in places. 5/10
Rosairo And Vampire seasons 1 and 2. Cliche and more panty shots than I though possible but I rather enjoyed it. 6/10
Rozen Maiden Overture Might be worth watching between eps 6-7 as provides a insight into Shinku and Sengetou's history. 6/10
Rozen Maiden tv series I was a little dubious at start but it all turned out rather well. 7/10
Rozen Maiden Overture Might be worth watching between eps 6-7 as provides a insight into Shinku and Sengetou's history. 6/10
Rozen Maiden Traumend I liked it, who ever of thought I could watch so mutch anime about dolls? 7/10
Ruin Explorers This is the only way I can use nice as a complement, If you dont like Fam and Ihrie then I think there is something wrong with you. Its got a jolly little story which romps a way on and then ends up taking a rather unexpected dark twist. 7.5/10
Rumbling Hearts Animation Quality is not the greatest but the story makes up for it. Deadly serious to the light hearted produces an excellent balance to make an exceptional series! 9.9/10
Rune Soldier Nothing serious to be found here. I wish they had spent less time being silly and done a better story. 7/10
Sakura Diaries Looked interesting but somewhere between the dub and the disk not wanting to play all the episodes I gave up disappointed. 4/10
The Sakura Wars OVA First couple of episodes are ok but the last 2or3 seem to cover a huge amount. Not quite sure why the Floral Assault Team need to run a theatre in between killing legions of crappy robots. 5/10
Samurai 7 While entertaining and managing a ending, it lacks something somewhere. 6.5/10
Samurai Champloo A truly great series, just everything I like about anime. Even manages an ending! 9/10
Samurai Deeper Kyo I just got bored, I tried but maybe I'll have a go at it another time 5/10
Samurai X A sort of romantic tail with rather a lot of dismembering. Quite dark and gets a bit crap near the end but finishes off ok. 7/10
Sekirei Harem with copious amounts of fan service, yawn 5/10
Serial Experiments Lain Not quite sure whats going on, or if there are any bad/good guys. There was a point at the end when I understood what it was all about but that moment has gone and Im unable to describe what exactly it means, but Im sure it had a meaning. A very surreal series and I do like Arisu... 7/10
Shiki Strange series, I found a few of the characters interesting by the end but Im not much of a horror fan. 5/10
SIN - The Motion Picture Started out promising and just got crap near the end. I was looking forward to this, but it just goes to show you cant trust trailers. 4/10
Sky Crawlers Interesting ideas but if you dont like them its going to be boring 7/10
Sol Bianca The Movie 1&2 I like this because of the fight sequences and the banter between the crew.
It looked like there should have been many more movies made. After Id seen it left me dying to see the rest that dont exist.
Sol Bianca OVA This was made after the original movies but is set in the time before. It keeps all the good points from the movies, the banter isnt up to the movies but the space scenes are and the Sol Bianca is just as impressive. 8.5/10
Solty Rei Bubblegum Crisis meets Appleseed meets ad police meets z.o.e meets chobits! Gets a bit plot twisty later on, but is highly enjoyable! 8/10
Sorcerer Hunters Classic Collection Someone said:
There is little or no story behind this anime series, the animation is passable / and the stories are at best confusing.
Sound of the Sky This contains nearly everything I could want from a good series, but fails to pull it off. 6/10
Space Adventure Cobra - The Movie Really old, but enjoyable in a cheesy kinda way. 6/10
Space Dandy Well this is a fun series with a surprising end. I might have to watch it again/TD> 8/10
Speed Grapher Eps 1-20 eps 1-4 Interesting concept with some interesting characters all in a rather screwed up world.lets see what happens. eps 5-8 What a strange show, full of plot holes but interesting enough. eps 9-12 still slight laim but interestg eps 13-16 this will be the slow middle section. i do like ginza hibari though. eps 17-20 its the credits keeping this going for me. interesting characters, still interesting, wht does the end bring? 6/10
Spice and Wolf Series 1-2 The best thing since Mushishi, I really didnt want it to end but it did so well! 9/10
Spirit Of Wonder Science fiction, nice characters, interesting plot set in Bristol with an odd smattering of fan service. 8/10
Spirited Away Dont think as good as Princess Mononoke, but on a par with Kikis Delievery Service. 9/10
Spriggan Great fight scenes and Id like to read the manga its based on! 8/10
Star Blazers Series 1 Volume 1 Considering this was made in the 80s its not that bad, but I did manage to watch it. Im sure Freakazoid would love it. 4/10
Steamboy Anime XOR Victorians = Steamboy. Good bit of steam punk but that is it. 5/10
Steins Gate Really enjoyed it, almost a masterpiece. El Psy Congroo 8/10
Strait Jacket A really short version of the manga. So while a good idea somehow couldnt get funding for a tv series? 6/10
Stratos 4 While I liked the cockpit of the aircraft, Im not sure quite how practical they are. Nice enough characters, but just gets boring and ends in a rush with weird unexplained plot twists. 5.5/10
Submarine 707R Boring, submarine battles are not the most exciting things to watch and this does nothing to make it any better. That and no ending. 4/10
Sword Art online I heard lots of people mentioning this and it turned out to be very good. 8/10
Sword For Truth A chunk of story that lacks a proper ending. Given the time, it could have been much better. 5/10
Sword of the Stranger Good story, ending, battles, made me care about the characters and all nicely done! 8/10
Tales From Earthsea I was looking forward to this but ended up little disappointed. It has everything I like from the Ghibli films but they were not arranged as well as they have done in the past. 7/10
Tekkonkinkreet Not like much else, well worth a look. 7.5/10
Texhnolyze The first few episodes make no sense and the middle bit is ok. I watched it until the end but didnt really get anything from it, if you like its peculiar style then stick with it otherwise watch something else. 5/10
Tiger and Bunny Had my concerns at first but it all turned out nicely. A little fairy tale like but nice and convenient. 7.5/10
TO Ship design was great as was the CGI. Needed to be more than shiny 4/10
Tokko A good idea wasted, not sure if there are any redeeming features. 4/10
Tokyo ESP Good fun, but the ending was open and it felt a little rushed near the end. 7/10
Tokyo Godfathers Surprisingly different and great Christmas film. 7/10
Tokyo Ghoul Season 1 This was a bit different, found the ending left rather open. Would like to see season 2. 7.5/10
Tokyo Revelation Typical old school Manga Entertainment release. Not unwatchable just poor. 5/10
Tower of Druaga A so so series, a bit like SAO but not as good. 6.5/10
Trigun The black cat (Kuroneko samo) doesnt appear to have any significance at all!

Have seen all episodes now and it is a truely fantastic series, the last DVD is a real nail biter

Trinity Blood - Eps 1-12 I like the elaborate world they have created. My problem is that Hellsing does vampires better, and Abel is nothing on Vash the Stampede. 5/10
Twilight Of The Dark Master Looks like another manga series that has been drastically shortened and lost something along the way. What I did like was the extra that showed the cover artwork being done. 5/10
Twin Signal I thought it was a bit silly and very cliche. By the end I rather enjoyed it, so Im guessing I now qualify for hopeless anime fan.. 6/10
Ulysses 31 Took a chance on reliving a childhood memory. The whole series is excellent scifi if not a little cheesy in places, has a proper ending and some awesome space craft and still looks good after 30years. I know its not really anime, as its French in origin, but was animated by a Japanese studio. 7/10
Urotsukidoji - Legend Of The Overfiend / Legend Of The Demon Womb / III(eps 1-4) Weird, needlessly graphic but seemed somehow to want to convey some kind of moral message. The second part was not as good as the first. Part III goes on for hours, its not really up my street. I guess I watched it to say I have. 4/10
Urusei Yatsura The Movie 1 Good fun but I dont think Ataru would know good luck if it bit him on the arse! Im just jealous and it would be Ah My Goddess if he did. 6/10
Urusei Yatsura - Movie 3 Similar to the first movie, but I did like the 80s styling. 7/10
Urusei Yatsura - Movie 4 Lum the Forever Much like the title the movie but made little sense. Enjoyable, just confusing. 6/10
Urusei Yatsura - Movie 5 - The Final Chapter I quite liked this one, would have been a good place to finish. 7/10
Urusei Yatsura - Movie 6 - Always My Darling They should have stopped with the final chapter but it was ok. 6.5/10
Urusei Yatsura OVA (Disc 1) Inaba the Dream Maker is my favourite episode. A bit wacky and silly. 6.5/10
Usagi Drop A really sweet series full of lovely characters. 8/10
Utawarerumono Epic story line and a not too outlandish ending, most of all its got way more than its far share of great and super cute characters. Mostly it goes along at its own pace being very enjoyable. 8/10
Utena the movie This was strange film, almost dream like in its strangeness. not bad though. 6/10
Vampire Hunter D This was cool when I was 13, but no so good 10 or so years later... 2/10
Vampire Hunter D - Bloodlust Much better than the original, shame I got the dub. A Similar story but not needlessly violent like the previous. 7/10
Vampire Knight Eps1-13 OK, but not that great 6/10
Vampire Princess Miyu Took a while to get into it and I liked it more and more as the series went on. 7/10
Vampire Wars A Typical old school MANGA release. There seems to be a missing episode or they got board making it. It does manage a reasonable plot twist. 4/10
Vandread eps.1-4 Cant get into this series, nothing wrong with it so far. 6/10
Vexille CGI anime this time, its all pretty good. Interesting story but nothing ground breaking 6/10
Violence Jack A very weird series, 3 loosely connected stories allowing Jack to maim and messily kill the bad guys. But at the same time manage to slip in morality message. 4/10
Voices Of A Distant Star Deals with a relationship suffering the problems of being separated by increasing amounts of time. A bit like another title I saw but I can remember the name of. 5.8/10
Welcome to the Space Show A bit corny in places but the best thing Ive seen for ages. 8/10
Whisper Of The Heart All hail studio Ghibli! Its not a masterpiece but I really enjoyed it all the same. More Romance than adventure and the music was a good cover. 8/10
The Wind Rises All hail studio Ghibli! Another beautiful film. Which bigs up engineers which is nice. 8/10
The Wings of the Honneamise Had been wanting to see this for a long time, it was OK. I think I might need to watch it more. 7/10
Witch Hunter Robin I liked the characters, setting, story, music, even the opening and closing credits. Not too sure about the ending, I dont need a happy ever after just a little bit of who survived. 8/10
Witchblade Eps 1-12 Eps 1-4 rather fan service heavy, but still quite good. Has a Claymore feel to it. eps 5-8 getting better, looking forward to see where things go. eps 9-12 getting more and more interesting, fan service aside its a good series so far. 6/10
Wolf Children What a great little film, really good to watch after just seeing Spice and Wolf 8/10
X Could see that large parts of story had been removed. Some nice large scale destruction but rather too much killing for my liking. 6/10
You're Under Arrest Wasnt as good as I thought it could be, really like the animation just found it all a bit silly. 6/10
You're Under Arrest - Mini Specials Similar to the ova, only more of what I dont like. Unless you want loads of panty thieves getting beaten up, which gets boring after 2hours. 5/10
You're Under Arrest - The Motion Picture Much better, shame the rest of the series was not more like this one. 7/10
Your Name Got to see this one at the cinema and it was as good as the number of people who went to see it! 10/10
Yuki Terai: Secrets Shouldnt really be here, but worth a mention for the work that must have gone in to the construction and rendering. Technically great but otherwise I wasnt impressed. 4/10
Zaion Lots of questionable technology and those CG landmate wannabies are awful. I still have not idea why the authorities turned on Yuuji. 5.8/10
Zeoraima - Project Hades 1&2 Old school anime at its best. I really like the way late 80s anime looks, story was ok but a little dated. 7/10
Zone Of The Enders: Delores Delores is the cutest giant robot Ive ever seen. This series is a strange mix of family drama set against an interplanetary war, with a AI getting adopted. The series made me laugh all the way through while being quite serious in places and it had a good exciting ending. 8/10
Zone Of The Enders: Idolo Details the events leading up to Z.O.E. Delores. Only worth watching as an aside to Delores. Might be worth watching it before Delores? 6/10
Created By: Anthony Godden
Created On: 28-January-2001