The Eagle RV

Ive finally sold the Eagle RV, it was a shame to see it drive away but I just didnt use it enough to justify keeping it. Between the last 2 MOT's I did 500 miles so whats the point, it wasnt being kept in a garage so it would have only fallen apart.
Enough of me justfying selling it Ill continue with the description. The running gear comes from a Ford Cortina and has its own chassis with a fibre glass body. It was a completely rebuilt sumer 2000, I stripped it down to the Chasssis and worked up, we fitted a 5 speed gearbox replaced the intire exhaust pipe, new clutch, new brake linings. We fitted a fuel tank with new fuel/return lines. The tub was resprayed diamond white and looks great in the sunshine, we also rewired it and fitted a cortina dash.(If youve ever had to take out a steel cortina dash you can imagine the job we had)
I think I got a littl carried away as I never intended to go as far as I did, but then now its a fine example of jeep it makes it worth while. I started in the begining of Febuary 2000 and final got it MOT'd on the 14th of July 2000, the there was a few more weeks spent finishing it off. It went through the next years MOT with no problems at all.

All I have left now are spare parts littering the place (forgot to give them to the new owner... hmm maybe I can sell them to them later?) and a few pictures, click on the picture for a bigger picture
The finish is very bright, when I was waiting outside ATS to get the tyres sorted out last sumer. I didnt have the hood on and could here people making all sorts of Ohhs and Ahhs as they walked passed. Very satisfing
The only good thing about selling it is that the girl I sold it to, loves it to bits and lives not far from me so I get to see it from time to time. She uses it every day and has fitted a new hardtop the last time I saw it. She also managed to shake the radiator off the mounts and take all the fins off the fixed fan too!

I think this will be the last update to this page, as I cant see the point of it really! If you have any questions about the RV send me a email, my address is below, and I'll see what I can remember.

Created By: Anthony Godden
Created On: 28-June-2001 Last Updated: 06-December-2002