DownDraught Mini

Do you like minis? and Im talking about the proper ones here and not the new ones!
Ive had a mini ever since my first car and think that they are great for reasons only other mini owners can understand. But at the end of 2000 my orignal mini sucame to living near the coast and rusted out in rather spectacular fashion, had it rusted in the normal places minis go I could have fixed it, but the roof went so more drastic measures where needed!

Reason for change.
Rather nifty central locking I used to have.
Rebuild Diary.

Here is a picture of what the original looked like:

Rather plain and boring, I know but it served me well, and I think it would have gone on longer if I hadnt commuted 100miles per day in it for a year!

And then by chance I acquired this mini after rather a lot of searching for a moderate sum:

I then spent a couple of months, several hundred pounds and used my dads garage to create:

Created By: Anthony Godden
Created On: 29-April-2001 Last Updated: 16-January-2002