Past Results

DateEventCarFinishing positionComments
End 08 Seasonal results C2R2 - Tesco 99 Octane MSA British Rally Championship 20th overall and 4th in R2
Citreon C2 R2 Cup - 3rd
December 08 Wales Rally GB C2R2 Retired day one. Well this was just awful and was made worse by the fact we had been looking forward to it. Spent most of day one driving between cancelled stages only to find the ones left running were so ruff we got stuck on the start line and then on the next stage we lost the exhaust, couldnt see when the windscreen misted up and then filled the engine with water in a ford that was a lot deeper when than on the recce!
September 08 Rally Yorkshire C2R2 15th O/A, 4th in R2, 2th C2R2 We didnt have any real problems and drove flatout all day, for possibly the best result this year. The stages were smooth any really fast plus out own pacenotes worked really well.
August 08 Todds Leap Ulster Rally C2R2 34th O/A, 10th in R2, 4th C2R2 Home from home the lanes in nothern ireland look just like the ones outside my house. We were the most competetive weve been all year, shame about the puncture and it being the last tarmac event.
July 08 Rally Isle of Man C2R2 38th O/A, 8th in R2, 5th C2R2 What a disaster! First day went well until it poured with rain costing nearly 30secs, 2nd day destroyed a shaft and first gear followed a stage later by the diff refusing to drive only one wheel, then the spare gearbox giving out on the final day. In total about 1.5hrs added to our times. But besides all that we really did enjoy the event, which is quite supprising really! We wont mention that the reason we super rallied again on the saturday was because the drain plug came out of the box...
June 08 Chatsworth Rally Day C2R2 Umm Last I think Not a bad event, for a show. Lots of people to look at and speak to over 2 days with about 3min20sec of superspecial stage thrown in! Shame we did the Saturaday stage as the Sunday one looked more fun.
May 08 Jim clark International Rally C2R2 24nd O/A, 5th in R2, 2th C2R2. This is an amazing event and really good fun. Apart from the battery lost a cell or 2, the windscreen wipers going as and when they felt like it and windows winding themselves down. Guess that says something about French wiring. Pirelli tyres last forever though, the same tyres on the front all weekend!
April 08 Pirelli International Rally C2R2 32nd O/A, 6th in R2, 4th C2R2. What a disaster of an event! Fuel problems caused premature end of leg 1, and 15mins in SS7. 2 instage punctures then a roll on SS10. Only finished because of the super rally clause (presenting car at Parc ferme before it closes). In the end it took us over twice as long to do the rally as Guy Wilks!
13 April 08 CSMA Rally practice day C2R2 - First go in the C2R2. Its fast, just what have we let our selves in for?
11 April 08 - MG ZR - MGZR sold, collected and on its way to Ireland.
End 07 Seasonal results MG ZR - Silverstone Tyres 1400 Rally Championship (stars)- 2nd place overall and FIA Class champions.
Tesco 99 Octane 1400 Class N1 (BTRDA) - 3rd, but by default as we only did 2 rounds.
Nov 07 Tempest Rally MG ZR 3nd O/A stars, 2nd I/C Somehow I think we were not prepaired for this event. It went well and was quite exciting, but I think we could have done better.
Oct 07 Trackrod Rally of Yorkshire MG ZR 3nd O/A stars, 1nd I/C Well the practicing at the woodpecker paid off and I think we did quite well without 4th gear. Had a few near misses and big bumps and jumps but it was a enjoyable event. I didnt forget to collect the timecards either.
Aug/Sept 07 Woodpecker Rally MG ZR 15th O/A 1400, 1nd I/C Wow felt like we hadn't done a BTRDA round for years, day went well after a problem with the brakes that was cured a 1/2hr before the start. 40miles feels short after the stars events.
July 07 Rally Isle of Man MG ZR 3nd O/A stars, 1nd I/C Had a full day(bomb taken care off apparently). The Isle of Man is certainly an experience, way more technical than any other event we have done.
July 07 Rally Isle of Man MG ZR 4nd O/A stars, 2nd I/C Well Day one could have gone better, C2s and unexploded bombs put pay to any chance we had left.
June 07 Rally of the Midlands MG ZR 2nd O/A stars, 1nd I/C It wasnt the Jim Clark. Mira, Mallory and the spectator stage were fun especially as the rain held off. Sunday went on too long, didnt get home until gone midnight, it was a long drive home...
May 07 Jim Clark MG ZR 3nd O/A stars, 2nd I/C What an event! never done anything as good as this before. Even the rain and getting beaten to 1st IC on the last stage couldnt put a damper on this one.
Apr 07 Pireli MG ZR 2nd O/A stars, 1st I/C After having the engine cut out 4 times on the first stage and once on the third, it all went rather smoothly. Providing you ignored the noise 2nd sometimes made.
Mar 07 Tour of Cornwall MG ZR Retired after SS16 A day of worry and bother that finished with a blown gearbox with only two spectator stages to go.
Feb 07 Wyedean MG ZR Retired Aux service after SS3 Snow! no less than 6 inches of the stuff. Caught and passed 2 cars in SS2 and 1 car on SS3. Auxilary service 2 gears selected instead of 1, it was hell of a job to get on the trailer
End 06 Seasonal results MG ZR - Winners of: BTRDA N1, MG ZR Supercup. E1 English championship co-driver. 4th in class ASWMC, 9th o/a 1400 driver, 5th o/a 1400 co-driver.
Sep 06 Plains MG ZR Retired over flying finish of Stage 8 What a flyer, after 8 stages we were up to 3rd o/a 1400 and in line for a battle for 2nd. Lost 5th gear after ss4, the engine let go flat in 4th over flying finish of SS8. Smoke everywhere! the piston had actually broken up, removing valve heads and smashing the liner. Engine beyond repair.)
Sep 06 Woodpecker MG ZR 69 o/a 1 i/c Closest result this year, went down to the wire against David Meridith. Muddiest event ever making slow going in places. But we got the 2006 MG ZR Supercup and BTRDA N1 champonships on this event with 2 rounds to go!
July 06 Quinton MG ZR 62 O/A, 1 I/C Great stages and good day, although a few moments on Route 60 with a fuel starvation moment and a near off.
June 06 Dukeries MG ZR 62 O/A, 1 I/C Very hot day and very very fast stages, most favorite in the series so far. First class win for the year to boot.
May 06 Red Dragon MG ZR Retired 1 mile into SS2 No go with sparks coming from flywheel area, tore the centre out of the clutch plate.
April 06 Somerset Stages MG ZR 63rd o/a 4th i/c We had tried really hard only to find us 4th in class. Running forest tyres on the 3 mile double run of Porlock Hill, fun but not quick.
March 06 North Humberside MG ZR 61st o/a and 2nd i/c Huge straights not suited to the MG, rough as guts in places. Not bad result considering the illness of the navigator(I remember very little)
March 06 Malcolm Wilson MG ZR 73rd o/a and 2nd i/c Long day, starting at M-Sport (Ford HQ). A snowy event but loved the stages. 8 wheel drifting on the way home, a bit quick in the snow.
Feb 06 Wyedean MG ZR 101st o/a 2nd i/c Beat other more experienced crews albeit by a few seconds. (jayne auden by 52 secs)
29th Oct 05 Somerset 2wd stages MG ZR 5th i/c 15th o/a (30 starters) No confidence blaming tyres and the very wet muddy conditions. Lost 4th gear on final stage. As a time check, finished over 4mins behind Graham Roberts in a similar MG.
10th Oct 05 Newton Abbot Audi MG ZR Retired on road section after SS1 So close to home, I didnt need the road book :) But the crankshaft pully came loose and the cam belt exited through the cover on the road section. Engine damaged, but repaired later
Sep 05 MG ZR - - Purchased EX Works MG ZR BU03 OVS
May 05 Sold Nova - - Not really sorry to see it go
March 05 Smeatharpe Nova GTE We think 8th from last, 6 I/C Stage max on SS1, engine cut out and it took ages to find the cause was a blown fuse. Big off on last stage, no serious damage though.
Feb 05 Wyedean Nova GTE 106 O/A, 18 I/C(B9) Matt said: 'Drove like a granny all day, no confidence in car, distinct lack of brakes didnt help.' about somes it up.
Sep 04 Woodpecker Nova GTE Retired SS2 Engine went bang, never found the big end. Have got whats left of the piston on my desk.
July 04 Quinton Nova GTE Retired SS4 Driveshaft
May 04 RedDragon Nova GTE Retired SS4 Oil Leak
April 04 Somerset Nova GTE Retired SS1 Driveshaft
June 03 Portreath Nova GTE Retired Stupid drive shaft!
May 03 RedDragon Nova GTE Retired SS3 Engine -Headgasket
April 03 Somerset Nova GTE 69o/a 4i/c -
Jan 03 THE NEWTON ABBOT AUDI STAGES Nova GTE 18th O/A and 6th I/C Forestry Rallying rules!
July 02 The Azimghur Stages Rally Nova GTE Engine SS2 Crappy pistons breaking up
later in June 02 Portreath Nova GTE 11o/a(I think) 1st i/c We won our class!!!

And to top it off we got a gert great big cup thingy and some medally things as well!

June 02 St Eval Nova GTE Um I forgot A Test for the car with the new gearbox, just to check there was nothing that wrong with it
23rd Feb 02 Predannack Nova GTE 13o/a 1st i/c We won our class!!!

And to top it off we got a cup thingy as well! It was hard work as we had to service for ourselves and we had our far share of problems: fan stopped working, c nuts on struts came undone and the bolts holding the uniball kept coming undone as well.

Dec 01 Hightor Stages Davidstow Nova GTE Retired!!! Ohhhh f**king DAVIDSTOW!

Broke first cluster, but damaged crown wheel. Second time the crown wheel and pinion destroyed each other.

Oct 01 City of Truro Rally(Predannack) Nova GTE 19 o/a 4i/c See the Rally gallery for more info
July 01 TSH Portreath Nova GTE 32 o/a 8i/c Good event with no car problems apart from a nut on the strutt undoing itself. Still getting used to the car and fortunately or rather boringly no spins or near misses apart from one corner cutting incident late in the day. We did however pick up a load of chips on the windscreen and broken headlight :)
Feb 01 - Nova GTE - New car, now wheres those events gone???
Dec 00 Davidstow Mini Clubman Retired Requested to navigate for someone else who rolled there 1340 turbo'd clubman on the first stage. So I got to go home early feeling cold and with a sore head
Oct 00 Predannack Peugeot 1.9GTI 32 o/a Serious handling problems, behaving more like rear wheel drive and very unstable. Also intermedates dont work in the rain!!
Aug 00 Burnworthy Peugeot 205 1.9GTI 13 o/a Managed to wreck a strut and had very little grip, we needed forestry tyres not old road tyres!!
July 00 TSH Portreath Peugeot 205 1.9GTI 14 o/a We were flyin, but needed way more top end. Whered that barrel come from
July 00 High Tor Davidstow Peugeot 205 1.9GTI Retired Went out on first stage with broken rotor arm, got back for the 3rd went out on second lap with a broken ball joint, which also nackered the drive shaft
July 99 High Tor Davidstow Peugeot 205 1.9GTI Retired Top 6 position after ss5!! Again Lynn was Navigating, but Retirement was due to a roll, several times so I heard
Apr 99 - Peugeot Acquired - -
Feb 99 Frostbite Predannack Manta 2.0GTI Retired Defective fuel pump, And Lynn navigated not me. Shant mention the bonnet either
Nov 98 Wheelspin stages Davidstow Manta 2.0GTI 21o/a Almost rolled!! Well half way over but all 4 wheels came of the ground
Oct 98 Predannack Manta 2.0GTI 19 o/a -

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