Right, Im hoping to compile a list of useful shooting related links for anyone in the southwest (esp. cornwall) who is interested in target shooting. Here goes...

One of mine a CZ 452
Another one of mine a Anschutz 1907


Surprisingly there are a few clubs dotted around catering for the target shooter, currently I havce only listed clubs that Im a member of as Im pretty sure that they wont mind. If you have any suggestions feel free to send them to me and I'll add them to the page.

Bodmin and St Petrocs Rifle and Pistol Club
This club has been going for over 50 years in various locations around bodmin. Currently the main club night is a Tuesday and we seem to be quite busy, which is a good thing.
The range is a 25yard indoor range and we shoot all year round with many competitions to take part in. The arms used for the competitions are .22rf rifles like the Anschutz shown further down the page. Im not aware of anyone who currently shoots Pistols at the club, but if I get my buckmark I intend to change that. The club has rifles available for members and guests to use, you dont need a Firearms License to join and if you want to see what its all about send me an email.

Cornwall Full Bore Pistol Club
This was the second club I joined and they have there own website. [
CFBPC] The site is a little out of date but it does give a run down of where and what they shoot. These days I mostly go to the 600yard range at Millpool which due to interesting micro-climates always offers a challenging days shooting.

Two Rivers Shooting Club
Strickly speaking this club is in Devon now Cornwall but never mind. They have a website [TRSC] This is an excelent range as described by their website and offers much more of the practical type of shooting. Most disciplines are catered for at various times throughout the year

CZ 452-2E ZKM

itemPart Numberdescription
Rifle CZ 452-2E ZKMIts the Deluxe model with the walnut stock
Scope umm err cant find out what make this is?!
Silencer -Err um, its black and has a spring and ali bits in it
Magazines-I have three 10 and a 5 shot magazine
Sling Maremmano
Art. FI 2401
A nice leathery thing, which is very strong. The only problem is that the bolts that secure it together can mark the stock.

Anschutz 1907

itemPart Numberdescription
Rifle Anshutz 1907Dont know that much about it, but its got an adjustable cheek and butt plate
Sights Anshutz Standard Anshutz sights with a plastic(0.6) forsight element

Created By: Anthony Godden
Created On: 31-December-2002