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Ah nothing like having a clear out and Ive deleted loads of useless stuff from here (backed it up first though) feels much better!

Now on to the point and I have recently started taking pictures of interesting things I see when driving around, I always marvel at these sights and suddenly thought why dont i take pictures of them? I must apologise for the quality but Im asking a lot from my Sony Erickson K800i, that and Ive scaled and compressed the images for the web:

First of we have a couple of pictures of the same sunrise taken on 21/11/07 at 0748 I think these were the Camelford side of Delabole

Next we have a cloud formation taken on a showery day during a bright spell (22/11/07 at 1044) I was up between Launceston and Holsworthy

Then we have a sunset taken not far from home at 1621 on the 19/11/07 between Delabole and Pendoggett

This one was taken looking out into the estuary from saltash towards plymouth(14/1/8 @ 1136), you cant beat those bright cold days!

A road off the west edge of dartmoor. Taken back in the spring and the trees are really high

Everyone loves a underground tunnel, especially when only half the lights are turned on. The bit your all missing is the last light was actually flickering on and off.

One thing thats interesting about the sunrise pictures is how quickly the shot comes and goes, one moment its there and within seconds it can change completly.
The Link-o-Matic

The link-o-matic was where my website first started as a way to remember links when I was on my placement year, it lived on a floppy and was a handy way to take links around. It actually got quite big but them the website came along and got a bit big and I broke it up, this is all thats left of the original. Still cant believe how long it took to find a drop down menu system like this that used javascript!

So here are links to the search engines I use and some other links to useful resources on the web:

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